Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Under the Straw Hat #1: Pre-XP Restriction Update

I headed back to my frozen residence with thoughts flooding my mind about the sudden curfew.  For some reason, the Creators decided to sanction off the universe, for a long, five hours.  Knowing their tendencies, that could be anywhere from a mere three hours...to a teeth-grinding seven hour wait.  Whatever they are planning, I know my eyes will not be fusing shut soon.

Perhaps there will be a new adventure waiting for students in the morning?  I removed my old, straw hat, and placed it on the dresser.  I gazed at it for a few seconds while I reminisced about my adventures in acquiring it.  Off next was my newest wardrobe: an eye-catching tunic adorned with a cloak of falling snow.  Finally, I kicked off my winter shoes.  While yawning, I couldn't help but notice a strategically-placed compass lying on the middle of my pillow.

A surprise shall be revealed by someone tomorrow...that's for sure.

My pet is "grinning" more than usual...perhaps a chance that its growth will no longer be so stunted and curved?  Miguel left some interesting thoughts...Perhaps pets at full potential are no longer "too wise" for their years...Hopefully Rusty, my favorite of the bunch, will lose all reasons for pestering me for snacks, and eventually pay for his own membership to the gym, should he ever continue to work out, after the Creators work their magic.

One can only hope, no?

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