Saturday, June 19, 2010

Under the Straw Hat #3: Light and Darkness in Celestia

While I believed it to be a stamp and anchor for a pleasant day, my visit to Thomas's residence turned out to spawn a new set of concerns.  Our conversation included some enlightenment for me in regards to his short-lived  invitation to the Pantheon and narrow miss on obtaining the habitants' blessings.  An extensive aura of disappointment was felt, but as usual, the man kept a phenomenal cool as he reminisced about seeing the Creators' without their masks.

What turned the tide of the moment was a piece of parchment arriving for Sir Lionblood from a "Ms. Drake," with the following image attached:

"This is no rumor," it noted.  

There was an exchange of grim expressions as we silently read about these anthropoids.  As I began to depart for my residence to discuss the news with the Team, a strong realization hit me out of nowhere:  the world of the mythical Celestia seems to be a conflict between light and darkness.

Crustaceans (crabs, lobsters, etc.) and insects are similar in structure and characteristics.  Both are comprised  of tough epidermis, called "exoskeleton," and their young generally start out as larvae.  Though used for different purposes, both have "jointed legs."  In addition, both sub-phylum are described to relate in terms of a melding between their "bodies" (known as "thoraxes") and heads.

A battle amongst cousins.  However, there seems an established difference between the two sides: one as a protagonist, Romanesque culture, and one of an arbitrary group bent on--supposedly--evil intentions.

But is this view self-prophetic?  Are the squeamish reactions I have toward the appearance of the giant insects  my main basis on how I predetermine their moral alignment?

I nudge to Platae to continue her pace on her own.  As the sunbeams blink as they reach under my hat, I couldn't help but wonder if this talk about finding and utilizing the "Spiral Key" is in fact a selfish action, justified by an intent to "aid" the Crustaceans.

The Marleybonians have already made their questionable stake on land, over at Krokotopia.  They even removed ancient artifacts, which pertain to the history and past cultures of those deserts, for their own capitalization...perhaps with the hope of increasing tourism.  In fact, I'm not so surprised that Alhazred, a key figure with association to the missing Krokonomicon, is taking shelter underground on an aerial terrain somewhat distant from The Oasis.  

Thus, is their discovery of Celestia actually an infringement and potential invasion on the submerged world?  

I took a mental note to remind myself that perhaps the motives of the "Shadow Weavers" may actually be the focus of preserving their seclusion from the land-based worlds.  There is always the chance that these "villains" are victims of distortion and propaganda.  I rode towards the horizon, contemplating about the author: is it an explorer with a drive to probe and prospect against the will of the anthropoids, or a true Spiralanthropist  passing on news of world-turning danger?

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  1. Wow bravo very nice article that theory is very plausible for the fact that its been seen in history many time overs and the fact that it still happens today. I'd like to think that's the case but it seems more likely that they are just villains but we can hope right?


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