Friday, June 25, 2010

Ghost Rider Glitch

Hey Witches and Wizards,

So, below is a video of what happened when I got a little too excited and multi-tasked, acting too many steps ahead of myself. The second tiger, second pig, and broomstick belong to John Lifeglen over at Through The Eyes of a Sorcerer.

Please do not ask me or John on how to reproduce this. I reported this directly to Ian when I discovered this, mainly because it does modify game play entirely. But, before it disappears forever, I captured our fun as we "ghost-rode" through the first four worlds. Enjoy!

Hm...reminds me of my glitching days in Ocarina of Time... :)


  1. Very nice! What camera do you use? I've been wanting to get a camera so I could record my W101-ing and do tutorials and vlogs and whatnot. Thanks


    Btw, sorry I haven't been helping with the Petnome Project lately. I've just been trying to get all my pets back up to teen (Stupid Item Hurricane...) It's gonna be a lot of work, but once I finish, I'll put all their talents in for you. ;D

  2. That could be helpful in Kensington, wouldn't it?

  3. @Blaze: I use xFire's recording module. Very clean and easy to use compared to Hypercam, but produces the videos in .avi format, so you'll need a converter. I use Prism Video Converter.


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