Thursday, June 17, 2010

Under the Straw Hat #2: Petnome Contest Winners

I squeezed my knees together slightly, silently requesting that Platae continue charging ahead at her discretion.  Reviewing the list, I ensured that the Petnome Team had the numbers and names correct.  Miss Heather Emeraldflame certainly came out as the champion of the competition, with an impressive 300 entries.  I looked up, stared at the visual mush of pine trees as we zoomed by, and curiously pondered if it may be documented in history as one positive effect of having multiple persona.

Glancing back down, I looked at the next winner of the contest:  Heather Raven.  One of the team!  Astral bodies bless that girl, especially after all the entries she dumped in after the first few days of the project's grand opening.  It's been awhile since I've seen our enthusiastic researcher.

A grin-turned-smile formed on my face when I read "Sierra Starsong."  She was another heavy contributor during the beginning of the project's release, and truly deserves a new companion to take home. 

I folded up the parchment and slid it back into my satchel, and took up the reigns again, riding swiftly to Thomas's house.

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