Friday, June 4, 2010

Petnome Project: Contest and Requests!

That's right, Wizards and Witches, entering information into the Petnome Project can potentially score you some short-term benefits in addition to the long-term use we'll all make from the results!

The Friendly Necromancer has generously offered to help spruce up the submission count (currently at least 330) through prizes ranging from three (3) Gobbler pets for the Top 3 Submissions (quantity), to consolation (highly beneficial!) prizes for making at least one entry.

If you've made submissions in the past few days, don't worry!  Any contributions made ever since the debut of this Project will be counted towards the grand prizes and the consolation prizes!

The deadline is midnight, June 15!

Remember, we will be checking through every post to ensure everyone is "fair game," so no cloned entries, please!  Also, with a number of results so far, we will test our Verification Phase with all submissions, so we won't have anyone rolling around with fabricated entries ;)

So, if you want a chance at those little, walking red balls, or a potential boost in your income or Elixir collection,  hop on over and help the community!

Now for some great news, regarding the project:

  • Some of you have requested for a section to enter the cards that your pets naturally give (meaning the card isn't derived from a Talent; it shows up to the right of your pets' portrait).  Thus, there is now a new entry line, called Innate Cards.  All you do is type in the name of the card; adding what ability it has is optional, since the purpose of that line is to help us determine the difference between pets with or without cards, and the difference between pets that give cards of different types, while the pets share the same physical appearance (i.e. Icezilla, reported to give the card Icezilla or the card Stormzilla, depending on which Boss it drops from).  If you have made submissions before the incorporation of this line, we will email you your entries so you can fill out the blank space for us!

  • With the joint contest with Friendly in effect, the Petnome Project is expected to slide uphill like it's sitting on vegetable oil, so to fully get a grip on the "bull's horns," as TFN put it in a DM, I'm looking for a few people to help fill in some slots as Staff of the Project.  As time progresses and results become published, the magnitude of work will certainly overflow once more players become aware of PP.

    So, if you can set aside at most (meaning "no longer than") 2 hours every week on your own time (flexible; you can assist for an hour on Saturday and an hour on Sunday, 10 minutes every day, etc.) to assist us, you're half qualified!  There are around eight (8) "positions" open right now with 5 different roles, ranging from technical (hands-on with the data) to contacts/support (communicating with submitters).  I'll be handling each role, including the Lead, so no one will feel "lost on what to do."  Please comment on this post if you're ready to become part of a game-changing team!

  • If you don't have a Twitter account, make one soon and RT (re-tweet) my latest message (RT @kevbattleblood) along with the number of entries we'll have in the Database at Monday midnight.  If you're one of the two people closest to the actual number when Friendly's joint contest ends, you'll get  FIVE (5) Pet Elixirs!  We're currently somewhere over 400!
 Happy Hunting!


  1. I am very excited about this project! (Let me apologize ahead of time if I add any doubles. I'm doing my family's pets and I keep forgeting which ones I've entered! LOL)

    I might be intrested in helping out as a staff member...


  2. Hey if you wanted to farm Gurtok Demon now lmk

  3. Sorry I didn't reply in-game a bunch of people were talking to me :)


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