Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BUN: I Just Want To Thank...

...the overall Wizard101 Community.  Because of the strength behind and within us, which I posted about back in April of this year, Mistblood was formulated in mind.  It would have stayed as "just an idea" if we had not been such a welcoming and inspiring group.

But what shot the comic off into an actual project, I personally owe to my closest friends, who, have supported and helped me by taking time out of their PVP or questing activities to do the earliest scenes:

Cheryl Fire
Ronan Dawn
Tatiana "Toto" Legendweaver
Allan Spiritrider

They may not be as active as I am in our community, but as some of you know, they're the reason why I've reached where I am today, still doing my crazy experiments or projects.

Also, special thanks to Leesha Darkheart for pointing that post out to me...I would've missed it all :X


Let that thought out here: