Monday, June 28, 2010

Petnome Project: Updates and Blog Move

Minor update:  All is fixed now! Mistblood this weekend...

Lack of a real blog post until now...

A lot of frustrated Tweets...

Check out the URL you're on ;)  That's the web address at the top of your browser window, starting with "http://"  Yep, no more "blogspot" tag.  But, don't worry about updating your links or anything...I've set it up so any visitor to the old web address with the Blog*Spot tag will be automatically directed to this one.

It's now official...  The only thing is...there's nothing there quite yet!  Just a simple welcome message and the Petnome Form

Here's a synopsis of my recent adventures:

It has been a very, very long weekend for this Thaumaturge.  Starting on Thursday evening, I was suffering from a very painful episode of a theoretically infected wisdom tooth, but eventually the antibiotics kicked in the next day.  But, it did keep me up all night, so I did some exploring and searching for a new home for the Petnome Project results.  Originally, we were going to host it at a hidden wiki of Fallon Shadowblade's, but there were some questionable ads on there.  I'm pretty sure you Witches and Wizards can shave on your own just fine.

Sierra Starsong and Fallon Deathslinger were kind enough to step up and offer their services for hosting...because of another secret project will be in the works, I decided to go along with Sierra's to initialize, and allow myself to start working on my first server from "scratch."  Of course, Sierra's husband, Gazerwolf, was watching over me, batting away a lot of frustration and dealing with the nasty complex codes; thanks, Gazer!  For those wanting to learn more about how the internet works, getting hands-on experience with these is the best way to go!

So, the Petnome Project now has a home!  We've finished dusting off and are pulling everything out of the boxes and setting up furniture!

This is the temporary banner that will be displayed on the Home page ( as you enter:

Also, here's a temporary logo we'll be using:

The images are subject to change as we're working on a more detailed, original logo, and schedule a photo-shoot to gather in as much of the community as possible without time being a factor!

Well, I'm off to the Spiral to train a bit, work on the Project, and head off to work.  

Oh yeah!  Today is the day that Leesha's heading off to KingsIsle!  Wish her a fun time, and to not be so nervous that she forgets to give them my suggestion on changing how Taunt looks in battle.  Wouldn't it be awesome if the Ice Wizards could hop in the center (like they're about to perform a sword attack) but face their own team, wiggle their hips as they moon each enemy?  I mean, if the Gobblers can flatulate at us, why can't I shake my gold-maker at the Coven (Raven$) or Malistaire?  Come on, let's make this a two-way street on slapstick humor!

Speaking of the Overlord, remember, Ravenwood Radio is broadcasting TOMORROW, Tuesday June 29.  NOT Wednesday.  Leesha's real life employer decided to keep the exit blocked a lot longer, so she won't be able to make it that day.  Also, there's a surprise guest Mod...Christina isn't able to make it to the new show date...can you guess who it'll be?

Alright, I'm off!  Have a great day!

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  1. Hey, that's great wouldn't be surprised to see it on W101's Fansite List some day (petnome)... I added the link to my site as a bonus hope everything goes well in the future!


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