Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Battleblood Updates and News (BUN)

Unless you've been keeping up with my Tweets, you're probably wondering what the Heckhound I've been up to.  Hm...where to start...

Over at my Dropped Pets page, you can see the awesome creatures I've been capturing over the weekend!  Unfortunately, I feel that the Ianthine Spectre was awarded to me prematurely...Fallon Deathslinger is still looking for hers ever since the release of Advanced Pets, sigh...  Tweet her a message to help find that ghost!

Also over the weekend, the Petnome Project was BOOMING with entries, topping off what we already had by another ~400 entries!  We're currently sorting them out, fixing typos, splitting double entries (two abilities in one form, yikes!), and have started putting together some of the pieces.  Fallon Shadowblade of has generously offered to host the publication of our findings!  I spent a few hours last night drafting and scratching, and finally produced a frame for Magma Colossus.  Before we release the exact location of the data, we're going to test our Verification methods over a few critters.  So, in no time, you'll be seeing our work in progress once we manage to dive in and clear up some erroneous submissions and start piecing together what's Verified.  While we're on the subject, please welcome Heather Raven to the Petnome Team!  She'll be helping out in "customer" support, answering any questions, asking you our questions, and helping us post results.  Remember, the contest jointly held by The Friendly Necromancer is still running until next Monday, midnight!

While helping Amber Stargem farm for her Ice Birds (which she has yet to find....tweet to go help her too!), I found my green light across the water (Great Gatsby reference):

As an Ice Wizard, I feel more complete!

I'm hoping to finish Page 21-22 of Mistblood well as get some training and harvesting (food farming) done, but more importantly, I think the "plot" of the comic needs to get out there.  A lot of help came from the Blogger community to create these scenes, and I know they're just "dying" (inside joke, related to the scenes) to see the story unfold.  So expect, something to pop out tonight!

Some minor bad news:  with all the projects and adventures I have going on at once, I'm afraid I'll have to postpone the 2nd BMC.  I assure you though that the event will make use of its extra preparation time, so expect to be blown away again :-)

Alright, off I go to the comic!  Peace, and Happy Hunting~


  1. Gratz on Ice Bird, and can't wait for the Mistblood.

  2. Gratz dude! There is a blog I wan't you to check out:

    Also, join the Blogger's Club!

  3. Hi, I'm Sean Emeraldweaver from and I was wondering if I could help out in any way with the other end of the petnome project.


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