Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Test Realm: Warehouse Run #1 is a Success!!!

"Worship" Astral bodies, not draw power from...hm..

Note:  The following pictures do not depict the actual number of enemies you fight on the final floor of the Warehouse.  This is only the end of the battle.

John Lifeglen kicking some Shadow Weaver rump

Fallon Deathslinger elegantly forming a Death seal...

...through which an ominous Wraith appears...

...and draws upon the remaining life-force of the enemy.

Down the Shadow Weaver goes.

Beat the Warehouse on our first try!!  (also pictured: Fallon Deathslinger*, John Lifeglen, and Taryn Willowgrove)

*thanks for the edit, Malorn

Screenshot!  Yeah, I'm in my Tank Gear (wolf head and overlord armor)

 Here is the full set of the Wayward Gear (Level 48+)
(click to enlarge each picture)

I'll write up a Warehouse guide and post it sometime this weekend...unless there's a mob asking for spoilers, then I'll post one before Thursday.  Gotta let you guys figure it out, too!


  1. Woah, I haven't been in Wizard101 much due to my Mom but, I finally have the time now. Those Shadow weavers seem scary... Valerian N, made a great post about that.

  2. The Warehouse is pretty fun, but they seriously need to revise the chain Scarecrows that the Shadow Weaver casts after you kill everyone else.

  3. some may think this is easy but to a lot of us it is very hard . Could not do Briskbreeze how are we expected to do this?


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