Wednesday, June 23, 2010

KingsIsle: Ten Million Wizards and Photoshoot

These pictures were from the unannounced "marketing photoshoot" by KingsIsle earlier today...Ian was kind enough to invite me during our chat about customer service activity (they're still helping Wizards out with reimbursements!  I even got my Reinforced Helm back....time to switch back to Straw Hat?.....maybe in a few months...).  Where will this photo be posted?  No idea...perhaps in an ad, with less names on the screen?  They were having everyone from Ravenwood gather into the picture, so it took a tad longer to load than usual, but what a sight.  Thanks, Ms. Emerald!

The balloons and streamers and banners were all set up all over Wizard City to celebrate the Company's ten millionth-and-first account, a very commendable achievement for a business's first MMO, let alone being over a year old, AND with a lot of content to yet be released.  I mean, I know a lot of us have been wondering what other worlds they have in store for us, given that there are four worlds yet to be completed; Celestia being one of them, of course.

Four worlds??

Look at the Spiral graphic when you are traveling between worlds, or go to Gamma's room, and look at the "blue" worlds.  They each have some kind of monument in them signifying which world they are.  Then notice that there are four red worlds, with a "chunk" of land in each. with monuments...then four worlds with rocks in them...monuments on completed, released worlds...then four worlds that look incomplete...

Makes you wonder...  Perhaps Candy World, where my professor comes from?  It would be interesting to see some candy cane pets running around....

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  1. Yea, a Candy World would be nice instead of talking about future worlds etc this kind of stuff needs to be implented NOW or later...


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