Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Advanced Pets: Post-Maintenance Fixes and Updates

New message below the logo

New message on character load screen

Give a round of applause to Miguel Wildthorn, guys.  Per my last post, I essentially mentioned that pets may become free from the burden by the slow climb to Epic after they max out all their they are gaining full experience points when a Perfect Game is played (+4 XP) and full snack points when fed, including any food bonuses they give!

Mega Snacks Will Now Count in Full on Maxed Pets!

This truly is a great day and move to turn players' notorious complaints about the Pet System! 

Overall, this will truly accelerate the Petnome Project's results...the more skill we unlock, the closer we become to mapping out these Pets' ability skeletons!

Speaking of which....the winners will be announced on the next post!



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