Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Updates and Tweaks!" says Ian Emerald

Well, there's sure to be some changes as of the patch....I found Ian Emerald online in the Test Realm, and here's what he's hinted at so far:

Never heard from him after he went AFK "hang on..."

Then about 10-20 minutes later, the server went down for Maintenance!

So, explorers, time to restock on ink and parchment, let's see what we can find after more work from KingsIsle!

Happy hunting (for "tweaks"!)


  1. Mr. Chiilantohropologist, (I hope I spelled that right) I am a lvl 50 ice wiz and want to know what the level 50 ice wiz gear is and where I can get it. thx!

    -Luke Emeraldrider
    (the unusual thaumaturge)

  2. @Luke: Have you visited Wizard101Central.com to see user ironhawk's guides?


    Great guides by him!


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