Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Is This New?

I woke up this morning and decided to do a quick check on the Test Realm to see the minor changes KingsIsle announced about.  I sent a chat asking Ronan Dawn if he got a chance to see the changes, to which he replied, "i found a crazy door in live realm."  So, naturally, I decided to check it out.

Has anyone seen this before?

Sadly I haven't paid attention to this area in the past, and I'm not able to find a "before" picture.  It's a wide cylindrical structure with the entrance to a door marked by some railings and Dragonspyre lanterns, and a Dragon statue on top.  It seems to be some sort of elevator mechanism. 

If this wasn't here before, then this is one of the things that KingsIsle had been sneaking onto the Live realm the past few days...perhaps last night.  But, can someone please confirm?

Thank you, and Happy Hunting!


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  2. Doesn't mean it *can't* become "The Dragon, the witch, and the Wardrobe"


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