Saturday, May 8, 2010

1st Battleblood Monthly Challenge: The Contenders!

Meet the contestants:

Not pictured, but also in the contest:    Jessica Fairyheart, Isaac Stormflame, Benjamin Lighthammer

Good luck to everyone! 


  1. *wispers to chillathropologist*
    Who is this Amber Stargem that goes by the name of Mistheart?
    *Shifty eyes*
    Don't forget if i'm not there GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sorry, couldn't use computer on Friday, I'm friends with most contestants, so I'll find a way to get there.

  3. Consider me out of the running for actually winning the contest. I'm still doing it, but I've got no chance. Basically, the computer with the arrow keys that are functional broke down and is in the shop. So I have to use my netbook keys, which have a nasty habit of veering out of control. Don't count me out of the contest though, I'll still try!

  4. I highly doubt that I will win. But, stranger things have happened...

  5. @ Jessica: Have one of your friends inform me if you're online, then we'll work something out; you won't be able to port to the course through another contestant while the event is taking place.

    @ Kestrel, Heather: Remember what my Professor chimes about: Persistence and patience (tortoise and the hare). The course was built in mind to send a hasty player back to last place :)

  6. Sorry for not being there. I'll be at the next event though.


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