Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Advanced Pets Tips: Setting Up Your "Train" Stations

Disclaimer:  Please read this guide THOROUGHLY before using any advice.  Many parts are connected as a whole, so be sure to absorb everything before carrying through.

With limited resources and time, you DO NOT want to end up moving your pets around too often, or training many different pets on a single character!  Putting yourself into either of these situations will only slow you down from carrying out your plans, especially if you do not have unlimited money to buy mountains of Crowns with.  So what do you do to create the most efficient "setup" for reaching your breeding goals?

Note:  Before making any pet transfers to other characters, remember to deplete all Pet Energy on the toons who are removing pets from the Shared Bank.  There is no penalty for placing them in Shared Bank, fortunately.

Each character has their own Pet Energy (PE); the capacity varies based on the character's level.  If you are planning on not using Crowns as often as you did in the Test Realm, you must realize your pets will not level as fast as they did with your free Test Snacks or Pet Elixirs.  Thus, it will take daily training and feeding for roughly half a week before you manage to take them to Adult.  So, there will be somewhat of a limit before you stop training on one character, and much more work before that Pet levels.  Therefore, I stress that you split six of your "target" pets among each of your alternates and mainIf you do not have 6 characters on your account yet, make some new disposable ones as placeholders.   

Note:  You do NOT need to be level 7 OR kill Rattlebones to be able to train your pets!   

Those requirements seem to apply only to accessing the Pet Pavilion, or mating.  So, all you need is a helpful friend to stand in the Pavilion for you to port over.  Once you enter Pet Park, MARK it.  That way, when you finally have created an Adult that's going to mate, you can teleport Home, deposit/withdraw a pet, make your way to the Minigame Fairegrounds to stock up on Mana, port back to the Pet Park, and MARK it again.

By "target" pets, I mean the ones with abilities that interest you, whether it be the Talents or Derby Skills.  There isn't an effective point with spending PE on a pet that doesn't even have a skill that you want to see in later generations.    I want to reiterate what Miguel Wildthorn posted on Friendly's blog:  starting out, you want to mate your favored Adults to combine their potential Talents/Derby Skills.  It seems that Gift Card Pets with Variable Boosts* start out as Adults in order to provide the correct bonuses as they did before Pet Updates.

*Variable boosts are Talents in which value changes as your pet's stats increase.  For example, the Gift Card Pet Defender Pig gives Spell-Proof, which is a Variable universal Resist, of 6%.  Had it started out as a Baby, it would provide you with only 1%, due to low Strength, Agility, and Power combined.  But, as a default, the Pig started out as an Adult, with 150 Strength, Agility, and Power each (all of which affect Resist), providing me the 6% it normally gave before the Pet Updates!

Note:  It's best to leave the pet that will take the longest to reach its goal on your "Farmers."  Pets requiring more experience will need Snacks just to keep pace with your younger pets, and we want to avoid making more transfers than we have to.

The point here is to take the standard pace you're allowed for training onto many pets at a time, especially if they are First Generation. That way, you can begin mating as soon as possible and discover if you managed to get the skills you want manifested.

In summary:

  • Look at all of your pets' Talents/Skills
  • Pick out which skills you would like to have in the next generation
  • Give each of your characters a pet with each skill you favor; if it takes a long time for the pet to level, give it to a character that will farm for Hatchery gold
  • Train each pet everyday.  It takes 10 minutes to refill one PE, so in one hour, you will have 6 PE, and in 8 hours you will have 48 (max).
Happy Hunting!


  1. Thanks for the very helpful guide icy friend! ;D

    101 hands up!

  2. Ok here is my problem my pvp magma colossus started as a teen so i have lots a room to work with him. he is now full and his pips have never went beyond 5% Has anyone noticed this? I mean defender pig will go from 6% def. to 9% so why do pips not increase? KI simply says they will have the dev team get back to me on this, and I am still waiting on a response, over a week now, anyone have information, or have you got a pet with more than 5% P-Pips? I'll check back to see.

  3. @Anon: The talent that the Magma Colossus has is called "Pip Boost," which means it is constantly 5%, regardless of how high your pets' stats are.

    You may want to check out the Pip O'Plenty talent to see if you can go beyond 5%; I've tried to see if I could touch on 6%, but my Pet simply lacked high Stat Maxes. Good luck in your pursuit!


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