Sunday, May 16, 2010

An Explosion of Sunday Euphoria

I'd like to share a little exciting update, unfolded today, about The Chillanthropologist, in case you missed it:  Yours Truly is honored to be Certified Staff (minus the "certified" part; I haven't taken any tests, and I just thought it'd sound cool) for Ravenwood Radio!  From Wednesday, May 19, 2010 and every other Wednesday on forth, I'll be chilling behind the scenes with Christina IceDreamer (IcYwiz), helping the show with weeding out questions from the mass of text in the Chat Room, and eventually assist in freezing those who violate the chat rules.  Thank you to the crew for considering me, I'm looking forward to working with you all!

Secondly, Heather Emeraldflame (as Heather Sandwalker), Allan Spiritrider (as Allan Thundercaller), my mentor and good friend Ronan Dawn (as Galen Lionheart), and I (as Kevin Ironblood) completed Kensington Park for our alternates!  That's a second Machine Master badge between all my characters, and probably the last for a very long time (waiting for my Myth Kevin Titanblood to finish his Commander arena gear before leveling past 25).  It was one of the shortest runs I've had in that burdensome dungeon.  If you haven't tried it out yet, here's a vital tip:  find someone who has done Kensington before and who is great at maneuvering through Marleybone (meaning someone with a reliable connection speed) to run to each boss.  The less time you spend in fights that don't have a boss, the heavier cuts you'll make to your total time.

Third, Ronan Dawn was kind enough to gift me a set of Boots of the Titan, his reason being so that I may have different appearances (stitching) without losing stats!  Thanks a ton, man!

And last but not least, managed to score my Ice Ring from Briskbreeze Tower, thanks to the following people:

Before even stepping into Colossus Boulevard, I said I had a "good feeling about tonight" (or something to that effect)...and whaddyaknow?

Thanks to everyone I've made contact with today; You all have totally made my day (every second of it)

Happy Hunting!


  1. Congrats! Note: Malorn W. is still stronger than you look at my stats with my grand gear in-game...

    I HATE GETTING ON YOUR BLOG IT'S FREEZING OUT HERE! x mutter icy people *sigh* lol jk

  2. Happy to have assisted :D

    Just sorry that I couldn't get to the top of Brisk with you guys...stupid Roadrunner :(
    Though most of the time Roadrunner rocks, but it's that one time in a million that it goes out that is horrible :(

    And, yeah...I am VERY use to maneuvering MB at this point, but even then Kensington is beyond anything else in MB with the pull those guys have in there. But it's what I call "a good time." ;D

  3. Oh Sir Battleblood, how you make me swoon! Can't wait to work together in helping our chat room denizens get the most out of each episode of Ravenwood Radio LIVE!


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