Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chillanthropologist in Global Warming

This week has just been a major blast of excitement, good news, and luck all around, at least for this Thaumaturge.  I'm not even sure where to begin, other than chronological order.  Already got Sunday covered in an earlier post...

Monday was somewhat brutal, just sitting on the sidelines a bit while studying for Tuesday's final, just interacting in what ways I could with friends.

On Tuesday, played around on Pet Realm a bit and learned some minor things about the Pet Updates, then freed myself from the grasp of textbooks and calculators.  Summer school?  Perhaps not, at least based on some minor hints I received from work today.

I took yesterday to relax a bit after finishing my finals, so I rocked "Mytheon-house" with Heather Emeraldflame, kicking the Warforge end-boss around with our funny kiting strategy.  Then in the evening, nearly lost my marbles as Steven Spiritcaller disconnected from the call for a long period of time.  It was my first night modding for the show, so I was already excited about helping out....the thing Leesha asked of me after the awkward event was...well, to put mildly, overkill on that adrenaline rush ;)  But she carried on the show smoothly; a lot of podcasting experience for sure

Then I'm back at full time at work today, starting earlier than usual...and what do you know, the first thing I hear is a "Good Morning" from my supervisor and her superior, and was asked a series of questions that led me to suspect that I was in for something I had been longing for awhile: PROMOTION!  Though it's not officially approved yet, both of my bosses clarified that they were actively pressing the matter in my favor!  So, should I receive higher income, the better my BMC prizes will be; that's a given ;)

Then this Saturday, some time to spend away from my hometown on a camping trip with me significant other.  Let's call her the Jillanthropologist.  Unfortunately Jill isn't her name, and she's not a gamer (sad face), so the whole title actually lacks all meaning other than some referencing label.  Maybe someday she'll fall into the depths of the "accident"....[plot plot]

Oh, by the way, if you haven't noticed by now...[rubs hands together]...let's just say you'll find something interesting for the next BMC in this video.

Happy hunting!

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