Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Advanced Pets: Dawn of a New Age

It is currently about ten minutes before the anticipated release of Advanced Pets.  Of course, KingsIsle was kind enough to remind players that perhaps there was to be extended maintenance, so I won't be too disappointed if we aren't able to log in soon.  I'm sure a lot of players are sitting at their screens, constantly trying to log in to be the "first" inside...Time to explore while we wait!

So, thanks to Miguel Wildthorn and some personal research of my own yesterday in the Test Realm, I feel much more confident about what to do as soon as I jump in.  Yesterday was yet another reset, so it was nice to work with a clean slate and experiment with mating.  However, with just a single day of work before the Live Realm debut, I feel like walking through the fog with future generations of pets, such as the question of how traits are distributed when a later generation mates with a predecessor of the same type, and which Talents tend to get overridden.  But because of our very own "Mendel", I was able to recreate yet another Derby beast (the first one was made between me and Ronan Dawn by accident, on the second day of Test Realm), with this one helping out greatly in Resist AND Pips too!

So, as I explore, plan, and experiment, I will be making frequent posts and archiving them right away in my new Advanced Pets guide collection, under the Chillanthropologist logo.

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