Friday, May 28, 2010

To the (bullet)Point: Advanced Pets Debut, Night #2, and Plans

These are a few notes of what I noticed or did on the debut of the Advanced Pets System; pardon my laziness, but it is overdue by lengths (and now, for a Behind-the-scenes-look at how I draft posts):

  • Surprise!  PVP Ranks were not reset like I speculated!
  • I regretted in not preparing in the following ways:
    • Max out gold on every single character by transferring Coven loot to everyone; just my grandmasters got the jackpot(s)
    • I wish I used some overflow of gold to buy more pets!
    • Should have hunted for pets more...!
  • But, the night before, I managed to get some last minute prepping in by splitting all my pets amongst my 6 characters
  • I looked at all of my pets' skills, wrote down what I wanted to pass onto future generations, and gave the "useful" or high pedigree pets to my Grandmasters, while the Teens and Babies went to alternates
  • Then I proceeded to place all my characters into the Pet Pavilion (even young Mistblood; no pet scenes yet ;) )
  • Then I Danced away each toon's energy, given that that was the fastest depletion method
  • I farmed up the Coven with Heather Emeraldflame [LINK], Reed Giantpetal [LINK], and Fallon Shadowslinger [LINK]; managed to score two (2) Silverback Wildclaw [PICTURE]
  • turned in Gobblers' codes
  • Pet train station setup: Defender Pig, Magma Colossus, Pixie, Krokotillian, 2nd Generation Guardian Dragon (from Def Pig + Guard Dragon), Evil Snowman.
    • Going for ranking-to-Ancient, Barrier (derby), Morale Boost (derby), Hexster (gives card), manifestation experiment, Ice Giver (damage boost, ice); respectively)
  • Farmed Briskbreeze
    • Rank 5 food drops moderately here [PICTURES] food and loot to sell and Gold per battle?  Delicious indeed!
    • Found out (too late, in relativity to my experiments with Ice) Steal Ward works on Orrick (final Boss).
    Night #2
    • Raised Wildclaw to Teen [PICTURE]; looks like a Derby and Myth PVP monster
    • Farmed Jotun with Heather; she wins Death Troll!!!  Pay him or you get the Death TOLL!!! [PICTURE].  I am very corny.
    • Updated Training Lineup (all pets are First Generation unless denoted otherwise; i.e. 2G, 3G, etc.):
      • Battleblood: Teen Pixie (speed racer!) / Teen Silverback Wildclaw (he is AWESOME to watch in Gobbler Drop)
      • Ironblood: Teen Krokotillian / Adult Magma Colossus
      • Titanblood:  2G Baby Guardian Dragon
      • Boomblood:  Baby Red Gobbler #1
      • Wildblood: Baby Orange Mander
      • Mistblood:  Teen Evil Snowman
    • Pet Rank of Veteran achieved (I believe); only First or Second place for Pixie Missy!
        And we have a 3-Day weekend coming up!  Plans for the weekend (due to real-life circumstances, blah):
        • Prepping for Ravenwood Ball (tomorrow)
        • Mistblood pages 18, 19, 20 (at least)
        • BMC #2
          • Poster
          • Location set-up
          • Lots of gold farm for this..
            • Now that I think about it, it really does take awhile to get 100k back for mating, but takes WAY longer before you raise a pet to while farming for food and gold, pets should not be ready to mate just yet...meaning more time to spend with friends, w00t!
          • Finding assistance, have them reserve June 12 for W101
        • Floating bug tricks, tips, and explanations [Video and blog post]
        • Courting Yeva Logo
        • Raising Pixie to Adult after obtaining Pet Rank: Knight; Baby Red Gobbler to Teen
        • Helping a friend (Hint: Heather E.) with something not necessarily having to do with Wizard101 inside the game and may provide some employers some info.  Oh, the clarity of this note!
        • Smile.
        • Repeat above step.
        • Remind readers to smile.

        Have you smiled today?  Share about when and why!

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