Monday, April 25, 2011

Test Realm: Waterworks Run #1 a Success!

About an hour and forty-five minutes after entering, Perfect Catch manages to solve and emerge victorious from the Legendary Tower "Waterworks" on the Test Realm!  While not the first team to complete the tower, we had no help or tips from others who have...coming in there was a fresh, new puzzle to us all.  Here are some screenshots:

First Room:  Fight two groups of Elite mobs to activate a lever...

Second Room:  Fight Luska Charmbeak, a squid that "squirts" you with corrosive and blinding "oil"...  21,000+ HP

Second Room:  Luska Charmbeak is telling you that if you ARE NOT blinded, DO NOT use any spells on him, or he will  punish your entire team with a strong Power Nova.
Second Room:  With Fallon's new Storm Spell (Supercharge), we manage to hit him for 10k+ damage without traps...still not enough...  So then he proceeds to blind everyone from first Wizard up to Fallon.
Second Room:  Second hit...still too short...

Second Room:  Third time's a charm...break...ha...ha...   >_>
Final Stage:  Three bosses, who cannot be stunned, will force you to "dance" with them.  When a bubble is placed up, you are allowed to EITHER trap OR blade...but never at the same time.  In other words, one bubble allows for positive Charms (blades), while the other allows for negative Wards (traps).  Listen to the boss to find out when you can do whichever.  Try to take out the hammerhead and eel ASAP; they love to Critical hard on their spells.  I went in first to take the attention of all three bosses at the beginning of the battle.  Fallon used a combination of Supercharge with Ronan's Donates to ensure we could create 100%+ blades on her, and allow her to strike hard.  Since Sylvester changes the bubble up around every three rounds (before a turn starts), we had to use Cleanse to ensure Fallon's hit does make it through the Smokescreen.
Final Stage:  With only a few blades and turns available to us, we decided to strike all three bosses with a huge Storm Lord...

Final Stage:  Storm boosts on the Eel boss....
Final Stage:  5,700+ Damage wasn't enough to kill the bosses...but it was definitely a huge dent in them!

Final Stage:  Ronan then proceeds to clean the Critical-Hitting bosses up with his Gargantuan Power Nova...

Final Stage:  K.O.'d!!!

Final Stage:  Bye bye, Hammerhead!
Final Stage:  After a few more bombardments of attacks (make sure that there's at least one trap up when the Trap Bubble is up; the same for blades when the Blade Bubble is up), we're finally able to use Lady Judgment to win...
Final Stage:  No need for traps with just 300 HP left on Sylvester...he isn't going to Cheat back, this time!
Final Stage:  See ya, don't wanna be ya!

Aftermath:  And Level 60 Ice Boots drop!  Compare the difference between the new Legendary Gear and the old!

Aftermath:  You may find the quest line bugged, especially for those who did not turn/touch the final valve.  The good news is, everyone who beats the instance will get the badge:  Waterworks Warrior!


  1. I completed Gh and the bear guy wont even talk to me. Can you clear out the new spells and post pictures of them? and any clues about the lvl 58 pets?

  2. Wow, great job, TPC! I can see Waterworks is gonna be the new "go to" place!

  3. That was awesome - Central already has a guide, but heck. Glad TPC made it through okay. Legendary Gear = freakin awesome.

  4. About Luska using Power Nova - I've beaten the Waterworks about 5 or 6 times now and have never seen him use it once. For me, the spells triggered by attacking without being inked are Power Link and Skeletal Dragon, both super-super-powered up.


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