Friday, April 29, 2011

Beyond the Spiral: If KBB's Avatar Lived in the Real World...

...and was a female, this is most likely her outfit (mouse over each item that you see):

Thanks for the amusement and laughs, Cassandra Hexthorn!  She discovered the site on Wednesday of this week, and started out on one for her Wizard.  Then she went above and beyond, per my challenge, to recreate Perfect Catch, and then some others.  I consider it a new type of art...the Top Model-ism movement.  Check out her profile for more outfit collections based on female-counterpart concepts of us.  (Be sure to click on each picture on there so you can interact with it, to read the pop-ups.)  Ronan Dawn was brought to literal tears when he saw his; I wish I could have heard the laughter, hah!  I'm sure she'll be happy to make you one...if you ask nicely :)

There's even one for Friendly ;)  Who else would like to see her attempt one for Ditto Wizard, and/or Stephen Spiritcaller?  I say those should be her next projects!


  1. lol, from 'The Perfect Catch' to 'The Perfect Couture'.

  2. Great work Cass - I could say Rowan's is a pretty cool outfit - my sisters would rock that lol.


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