Monday, April 18, 2011

PVP: Countering the Bladestackers #1

Watch in Full Screen and 720p HD!  Perfect Catch fights a Triple Ice + Life team attempting to blast us away with heavily Stacked Ice attacks.


  1. Kevin,
    FYI: On gardening small pots, en masse', I hit a snag. KI, I believe, put a limit on how many small pots our 15 Energy spells can cover. So I'm reduced to the 8 energy spells and need to go around my garden "circle" to cover all small plants.
    The medium pots seem unchanged. I was able to cover my Prickly Bears just fine.
    Maybe KI will create large pots with their next update. Just wishful thinking.
    Thank you for your gardening guides. They helped me a lot!

    Mark Silverstone
    60 Myth/Death
    GM Gardner "Farmer John"


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