Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break Plans


Kicking off with an early ending to US History because of a test (the essay portion got me this time...bleh...), I'm now off for the rest of tonight, the weekend, all week next week, and another weekend....and then two weeks of school left.  Finals are around the corner...dun, dun dun....

But, all that means is that I can focus my attention on some priorities such as...

    • completing the transcript for Ravenwood Radio 37
    • completing the transcript for the explanation behind "Perfect Catch"  link
    • Petnome Project Contest #2 link
    • Petnome Project maintenance
    • upload/commentate PvP videos (about 5-7 epic matches from Ranked!)
    • work on some ICH posts...heh, heh...
    • hang with Perfect Catch in questing, farming, partyin'...
    • hang out with some IRL friends
    • completing the transcript for Ravenwood Radio 38 (when it comes out)
    • study for a Humanities quiz
    • job searching
So, be on the lookout for some items heading your way!

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  1. Seems cool. Glad school is almost over for you. And job searching what exactly do you want to be? Focus on that and see what you wanna do for the rest of your life.

    My guess is your going into some tech career (myself, a lot of plans - that go w/ that).

    Continue the good job -- and the load of work (pays off)! :P


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