Friday, April 8, 2011


Word from Professor Greyrose!

Welcome to our first 


Between April 8th 2011 and April 17th 2011, almost everyone can afford to travel the Spiral in style!

All our permanent mounts are on sale up to 50% off their regular Crowns price! For this special event, we've brought back some previously retired mounts and there are some new mounts you have never seen! 

Visit the Crown Shop to buy your mounts today - you're going to want them! 

There's a special surprise coming up in the Spiral that will let your mounts roam around your house! Watch the video here for more information and look for this roaming mounts feature to arrive in the Spiral before summer.

Looking through the video, it looks like the wings are allowed to float alone, as well!  That's going to be perfect for surreal scenery, similar to Salvador Dali's works.

Also, it looks like the Level 58 pets are going to be non-Rank 8 attack spells (we see a surfin' Kraken [probably from my state!], a "grossly," obese Humonogofrog, "who looks like it's going to eat its owner" (quoting Cassandra Hexthorn), and a slim Scarecrow.  We can only guess what kind of Innate cards they'll have (hopefully new utility spells??)...and if there are new Talents or Derby Skills as well.  Over on the Petnome Project, we've had sightings of a few new abilities over the past couple of weeks.  I wonder if these pets may provide passive bonuses of "Block" as well, to offset the use and reliance on Critical Gear to win in PVP?

Paige Moonshade reckons there's a new plant somewhere, and Angel Winterbreeze points out the odd-looking, bulky outfit on one of the mount riders.  

Did you also notice that some of the wizards are holding their weapons while riding their mounts?  I wonder if that's just for the concept art, or, [gasp], if it's going to be a visual revamp?  

Whatever is coming: we're ready for you.  And, Mrs. Test Realm, I'm ready for you, too!

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