Saturday, April 10, 2010



So, finally, after much debate with myself, I've finally established a Wizard101 blog.  What held me back at first was my lack of commitment to reserve some time for a public journal, especially when there are so many other projects, such as the KBB Experiments, producing music or another video, battling in the arena for a second Lava Colossus, or just simply helping out anyone who asks.  What finally made me give in was realizing the inevitable.  This blog can be for documentation, a memoir, a narrative with parallels, etc.  In short, another project that I may become lost in.

Since this is a debut, I might as well go into explaining the meaning behind the blog's name: "The Chillanthropologist."  It's basically a play on three different words that all signify what Kevin Battleblood stands for:  (1) He's an Ice wizard [Chill], (2) he likes to help, especially those close to him [Philanthropist], and (3) he likes to ask the "why" and "how" when it comes to wizards, and look for the answers [Anthropologist].  

I'm afraid this post will end prematurely...I see an Ice wizard, Level 49, Emily Moonstone, who is so close, yet so far, from leveling.  It would not do to leave a fellow classmate out in the cold (hah hah, pun intended -_- ), so I shall continue introductions another time.  Until then, enjoy my very first video; maybe you'll get to learn something new about your sacrifice minion spell and/or Absorb.

Happy Hunting!

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