Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Connecting AutumnalDusk with Celestia (?)

Updated April 21, 2010 @ 12:08 PM:

I woke up to a barrage of confusion, mystery, and wonder today, mainly due to my "late" arrival to Wizard101 about four-and-a-half months ago.  A player/blogger named AutumnalDusk (AD) has made a surprise return, and with that came the excitement from other bloggers who knew and knew of her.  From what I was able to find out in about an hour of research (yes, I'm writing this before I head off to work...I apologize for the haste, but the earlier I get this out, the more I may find when I return), she is a detailed writer and gamer analyst, with length of posts similar to what few bloggers of the Spiral have (hint hint).  I know I'm looking forward to reading more of her work in the following days; she also explores beyond the game...heck, it looks like she explores beyond the activity of gaming as well!

The feeling of ambiguity started when I laid my eyes on the picture included in her post: the same Celestia desktop image that was released this month, but now with a new figure added.  Has no one else looked at the background image until AD posted, or does she have anything to do with the picture, whether it means picture editing or official business with KingsIsle?  The Friendly Necromancer did mention that her absence until now lasted around eight months.  Again, being relatively new in the community and lacking the necessary time to search, I'm ignorant to what led to her temporary separation from the game.  But the photo does make me wonder:  is this AD's unique and interesting way of telling the community that along with Celestia's opening, she would be in full production again?  Is that her character's silhouette, donning a supposedly new pair of wings she recently purchased?  Or is that KingsIsle's official image with an addition?

Secondly, almost on a different branch, but related to the slightly ominous presence of the new silhouette:  With the assumption that the picture on AD's blog is an official KingsIsle release, has anyone suggested--especially with idea that there are possible Marleybonians in the picture--that there could be some genetic splicing involved in the new world?  With the Pet Hatchery coming, and KingsIsle's announcement that we'll be able to customize our pets extensively ("millions" of combinations), doesn't that sound like chromosomal modification?  Disregarding the art of magic, what if our Wing Mounts were actually materialized through the art of science?  Perhaps some twisted scientist had the audacity to go underground and combine the DNA strands of existing creatures such as the Seraph and the Bloodbat to human wizards.  Heck, I think it's very probable, considering that we'll soon have the ability to combine two creatures of different species with one another through unnatural(?) breeding techniques.

Now, let's explore these two questions when they're blended together:  What if the post AwesomeDiviners (AweDiv) made today turned out to be true?  This idea will consider AD is related to KingsIsle in some way, especially given that her blog is dubbed "Homework in a Graveyard."  Has AD been resurrected and featured in the image?  But, it could be that I'm overanalyzing...perhaps AweDiv just wanted to make an announcement through some symbolism in regards that AD is of the Death class, and that her return is based on the coming of the Seventh World.

This is all my random speculating and contemplating rambled into one giant mess, but it makes some sense...right?  Time to speed to accounting "internship"!  BAH!

Happy hunting!

P.S.  When I return, I will be correcting this blog to include necessary links for referencing


  1. Ty. While it *is* tempting to play out the "insider" angle, I do not, nor have I ever, worked for KI. Very nice write-up, though, thank you.

  2. We are of the few to write more than one paragraph to our blogs, and it's really great to see an old blogger come back who has that same knack :)

    I have tried going back and reading AD's posts a bit, as well as her recent one's. One recent one she pretty much said, as her comment above would give you the knowledge, that she did just add in the silhouette...and basically it was just her having some fun and letting people know she was making a return with the announcement of the new world to come.

    I always thought the Bat Wings actually look more like Draconian wings. Draconians seem to have the same tears and holes in their wings, as well as the wings basically being the same shape and structure. I am really surprised they even wanted to call what we have "bat wings." I would have thought bat wings to be BLACK...even though the Blood Bat is not black, but it's a more typical though on what they look like. But the actual mount bat wing color is more a mix of red and black/dark grey...which is another reason they remind me of Draconians more.


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