Friday, April 30, 2010

Opening Thoughts of 2010 Pets on Test Realm, Day 2

As I arise from my slumber, a choice came to mind:
What shall I do with this indeterminable time
Before this new Pet System goes to take place
And conquer the Live Realms, giving Wizard' a new face?

Shall I dive furthermore and figure out, or guess, the unknown?
Or shall I increase the number of pets on Live that I own,
Given the fact that access to these creatures
In mature form no longer will be a feature?

And hand-in-hand, the more I farm, the more I'll make;
Gold now feels so vulnerable with the amount it takes
To spawn a new being, a new family member;
Takes me back to when I first played in December.

Or will it be better to take note of Reagents,
To help train and feed the young to become Ancients?
Or become a fact'ry of some Treasure Cards
Such as Beguile, or Satyr, or even Steal Ward?

Oh, KingsIsle, what have you unleashed? pun intended...but we're dealing with a beast.
So many things to do, but these realms are one-way streets
Without a way to transfer accomplished Test feats.

So how exactly would time best be spent?
Oh dang, look at where all the time went!
Time to head off for work now, but I'll be back
With some oddities and other interesting facts

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