Friday, April 30, 2010

Oddities and KingsIsle's Surprise (Day 2 of Pet Test Realm)

Get ready for a barrage of interesting things I've noticed:

Check this out, pets have the ability to give more than one card, and in my Meowiarty's Krokotillian's case, a very useful one (not sure if this is the same for everyone; depends on the pedigree):

Notice the similarities?  Hint:  These pets were bought with Crowns...

It's somewhat of an Easter Egg by KingsIsle.  Here's what I found from Jacqueline from Wizard101Central: 

Now, time for me to share some more technical discoveries.  You may have noticed the slight nerfs on our pets, especially on the Level 48 ones which used to give us 5% Power Pips but have now been reduced to 4%.  Whether or not KingsIsle truly intends to do this to the Live Realm, I don't know, but I believe we are not at a total loss or disadvantage!  Wait, don't mob rush me just my Professor says, "Patience..."

This may not have been noticed yesterday due to some bug that was displaying the incorrect boost percentages, but that has been fixed in the recent patch.  Yesterday, my Ice Colossus had an innate +6% Ice Resistance.  I used all my Pet Mana on the dancing game to increase the only Stat it had not maxed out on: Agility.  Agility affects Accuracy, Resist, and Health boosts that pets give.  Look at what happened to his Ice Resist after training him:

How are you sure it's Agility training that affected Jack's resist, and not all that racing you did in the Derby? 

Here's the evidence:

Now for the result:

Let's sit back and think for a bit.  If we could raise 2% Ice Resist by training the Stats that affect Jack's Talent, how much could we raise the fella's resist below?

Going by the logic above, that means Cali (the 7-11 Guardian Dragon of the Heroes Set)  may have the potential of excelling above and beyond the original Gift Card Pet counterpart!!!

And he's got plenty of Agility and Strength (both affecting Resist) to go before he reaches Max.  I'll be training Cali to see what happens to all Talents and Derby skills when he increases in Rank.  If my theory is correct in that raising Rank means a universal increase in the Pet's current abilities, then we should be gaining 5% Power Pips back when our Level 48's hit Epic. However, I'm not making any promises here...

But, there is one thing that seems consistent:  The number of Talents a pet has is based on how many Ranks after Baby he/she is.  Cali is an Adult, which is two ranks after Baby, and he has two Talents.  Jack is an Ancient, and has three.  So, following that pattern, our pets should have four Talents when they hit Epic.

To conclude this post,  here is what happens when your pet is fed something they favor:
Originally, the snack was only supposed to give my Pet +1 to his Agility training, but because he "loved" it, it gave me an additional Stat boost (sadly it wasn't another Agility point, sigh...)

And Edward Icespear, I'm sorry for not remembering what he ate :(

Happy Hunting (for a mate)!


  1. Its ok! I will find out what the snack it was LOL :)

  2. I know it's one of the ones that I got from the Crown Shop that give +1 to Agility....(much help that will do :( Lol)

  3. Why did you change your name to the Chillanthropologist? It makes more sense to be Chillanthropist. Philanthropist, Anthropologist.

  4. @ Kestrel: I never changed it ever! Lol, I think you may have gotten used to AutumnalDusk's interpretation of it, but it really is "Chillanthropologist."

    Check out my very first post "Pilot"; you're on the right track about Philanthropist + Anthropologist. :)


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