Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gardening: Minimalist (Part 3)

After today's update, plants must be on the same vertical level to be maintained.  So, let's see what kind of floor-based maximums we can come up with:

Going back to the measurements in Part 1 and Part 2, it turns out that the maximum diameter of a group of Medium Plots is 7.  With the Baconator gear, your energy capacity can reach up to 100, which will accommodate for all 5 Large AOE Gardening spells (15 energy each; 75 energy total), plus the Rank 5 Pest Control spell "Fly Swatter."

Filling in the rest of this circle:

Before the updates, I could aim the cursor right on the middle plant and I could hit all 29 of these pots.  But, after the patch, the cursor no longer forces you to aim on a plant.  You can aim at every pixel on the ground now.  Quite honestly, my garden is a little bit tedious to take care of after this fix.  It's tough to find the exact spot for the perfect fit.  But, that won't stop me from trying :-)

So, where do the Likes fit in?  Well, as shown in the above picture, they're going to be floated directly above these plants.  Remember from Part 1 that there is a decent amount of range a Like can be away from a plant. I was planning to cluster my Likes instead of placing them along the perimeter (like I did when my Garden was in my MFP, in Part 2).  That way, if I wanted to Harvest, I wouldn't run into obstacles like before.

But, now I realize that you can Click to Harvest from a distance.  That's right:  I can stand where that Krokotopian tomb is lying and Harvest a plant that's closest to the stream, with a simple click of my mouse!  (Thanks KingsIsle!).  In case you're wondering how I would have Harvested without a "distant click" feature (i.e. before the patch), I assembled a makeshift platform that I can easily set up and remove:

Can't stop me from Harvesting from the middle!

I also planted in a way so that a tall plant was in the center and so I could use it to aim my spell no matter what stage the plants are:

But as I mentioned above, this wouldn't matter anymore, due to the new aiming flexibility.

Later, I took this idea to another level, on another character:

Dandelion Fanboy!!!
The large AOE spells also cover a diameter of 9 Small Plots.

Once again, I floated my Likes above my plants, and created a makeshift platform for harvesting plants towards the center.

See the lone seeds without soil on either side of this garden patch?  I remembered that Dandelions also like Snap Dragons, which all require Large Plots.  Combining planting with the floating bug, I managed to cover every Dandelion with yet another Like.

Feel free to ask any questions in the Comments below -- I'll do my best to answer them!  Thanks for your time~

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  1. Would you float the Liked objects first, then add the pots & plants; or place the pots and/or plants first and then float the Liked things above them? And how high are the Liked things, two or three crates off the ground?


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