Thursday, February 24, 2011

Battleblood Castle (February 2011)

After some thought and inspiration, I'm now putting the name "Massive Fantasy Palace" to the test with a plan to redecorate the duel court every month.  My Art History and Humanities classes are sparking my interests via artwork (mainly paintings).  The more that I'm understanding the idea of what an "artist" is, the more appreciation I'm feeling for designing and creating.  Basically, there's no end to art, and there's always some deep or special meaning in each artisan's craft.  The one I want to express is the characteristic that is born of life and time:  change.  Even while we sit still, the research on plate tectonics shows we're constantly moving.  A different Earth, every day...

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  1. Great job! :) I enjoy Beta Testing and being around the lava surroundings. ;) Not to mention your beautiful display also keeps people out of the middle of the circle as well!


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