Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Petnome Project Giveaway!

Hey all,

Great news!  Professor Greyrose sent out a message today to some Official Wizard101 Fansites along with some goodies to give out!  From what she wrote, I think each Fansite is designated a different, epic giveaway, so be sure to check them out on or after April 1st!

Speaking of that day, I wonder if that's what the "Something Special is Coming" countdown is for...

If not...well, I just can't imagine what else they have planned...  So, unless I'm missing out on some weird tradition where participants of this custom are known for deceiving others before the Day of Shocks (that's my name for it...and I'm sticking with it!), we can expect something awesome to happen!

Anyway, the Petnome Project was chosen to be one of those sites (we're very honored, Ms. Samwell!), and we're giving out some [PERMANENT] Proud Lion mounts!  There will be a different contest each day beginning on April 1st through the 5th, so check out the site this weekend for your chance to save 90-100k Gold (or many thousands of Crowns).


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