Monday, July 19, 2010

Petnome Project: Officially Released!

Two long months...and finally, here it is, folks:

While the project will never be entirely complete (updates and changes are to be expected regularly; errors in the database still to be sorted out; correspondence emails yet to be replied to by submitters; certain special Pets, such as the Sheep, are not numerous for enough discoveries for their Abilities), it will constantly be maintained by The Petnome Team.  We hope that our work serves your training and breeding endeavors well!


  1. I was debating whether to keep working on my Ancient Minotaur, thanks to Petnome I learned he'll get a card at Epic so level him it is!

  2. I looked up a few of my favorite pets and found the site very easy to use. I also noticed that there was surprising lack of information on them so I'll be sure to log on tonight and contribute what I have.

    I would be interested to hear how many submissions you get the first day or the first week.

  3. I have been waiting for a long time for this to come out, so I am very excited

  4. Two months of effort for this? Even when complete this site will provide remedial information at best. At this point the information is often either incorrect or absent. You could save a lot of time and effort by ditching this whole project and posting a single page with the talents and stats of the very few pets worth breeding. Then again, all of that is pretty well known already anyway.

  5. @Michael, Sierra, Jordan, L.R.: Thank you all for your help, support, feedback, and patience through all of this!

    @Mike: Yes, we're still transferring a lot of verified information from the spreadsheet to the site. Typos, misinformation, and human errors delay us, but nevertheless, all contributions are welcome! I'll add a statistics page in the near future to touch on your request; thank you :)

    @Anonymous: Come out into the light, Zalamash! Expressing an opinion under your own name is -quite- alright, you are not going to be punished for what you think. However, this disturbing act of stalking me after we have established an end to our meeting AND discussion is anything but welcome. You can troll around all you want, but you are only digging yourself a bigger hole; I advise that you take responsibility for what you say, and provide actual support/evidence to back up your claims. As for what's "well known," it seems that if such *verified* knowledge existed, a couple of people would have directed us to a single center for this type of information, whether as guidance or to point out that our work is reiteration. But, consider this: it's hard to take the words of someone who stays in the shadows seriously, especially when that act shows that they fear any criticism and consequence. And when one distances their self from their statements, those words lose credibility and meaning. Thus, thank you once again for invalid claims!

  6. @Anonymous: Furthermore, I want to point out that "completion" is not our intent, nor will it ever be in anyone's grasp. Content is constantly updated by KingsIsle, and we will follow closely behind. So, information is bound to be current and fresh, as long as we have loyal supporters. And judging from the 1850+ entries and counting from nearly 80 different people, I can easily and happily say we're better off than expected.

  7. Kevin you and the petnome team are doing an awesome job way to go everyone!
    I love being able to see the First Generation pet talents/derby in a whole list.
    Keep up the great work

    Your friend
    Paige MconShade

  8. Hey Kevin-
    Do you have a Central accoutn? I'd like to talk to you x cough x privately x cough x thanks! Nice job on the petnome!

  9. @My2Cents: Thank you! I do have an account there, under the same name as my character. Talk to you soon~


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