Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Test Realm: Testing and Analyzing the Updates (February 2011)

As the first biggest perk in the game for this new year, the multitude of changes shown in the current Test Realm are definitely impacting modern strategies and playstyles.  Not only will a home with an Arena Ring be available for players without a Massive Fantasy Palace or the money to purchase one of them, but there are some significant benefits (and nerfs) that have been applied to the overall game.  This post will not explore every update, but it will focus on the changes that might need further clarification, or changes that were not included on the changelog.  Thus, consider this an active post, so any updates/changes to the Test Realm after publication will be shown in red:

  • "Once a plant is in a pot, you cannot pick them up!" --(Celestia Housing TR Notes)

Apparently, this literally applies to the mechanics in relation to the Floating Bug.  While the notes do not specifically state it, it also means that plants within the soil cannot be picked up OR moved.  When you try to relocate the plants, you cannot lock them onto the ground or another item.  Luckily, for those with bulging backpacks, this counteracts that dreadful mistake of creating Fake Seeds within your inventory when you pick up Mature or Elder Plants!  Unfortunately for housing designers, the Fake Seeds that currently exist in their "Inventory" are now endangered species.  

  • "Jade Oni and Earthwalker pets will now have the chance of manifesting spells that match their school." --(Celestia Housing TR Notes)

Like with the Level 48 Pets -- though not as complicated, considering pre-update version has been completed -- the Jade Oni pet will have two different Petnomes:  one that is represented by the old Myth and Balance versions before this update, and one that is represented by Jade Oni pets that are acquired after this update.  As for the Earth Walker, we will have to see if there are the two determined Petnomes as displayed on the site, or if there is a third version.

  • Pet Abilities have bugged Petnomes, whether manifested or not.

This is a little ambiguous.  Because of the fact that some abilities have the option of being called "Common" when they are unrevealed, it suggests to us that there are actually five tiers of rarities:  Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra-Rare, and Epic.  But, since the Advanced Pets system was created without the intent of having "Common" abilities, is there a chance that new Pet Talents or Derby Skills are in the works?  If so, then why don't Pedigree Numbers and Petnomes match, by definition?  

If there is meant to be a fifth tier of abilities, then the Pedigree numbers are bugged, and aren't accounting for the fact that a lot of abilities have dropped a single point (Rares becoming Uncommon, Ultra-Rares becoming Rares, etc.).

If there isn't meant to be a fifth tier of abilities, and the Pedigrees are NOT bugged, then there's a major visual problem with the Petnomes.  Hopefully, for all pet enthusiasts' sake, the bugged manifested abilities won't carry over to the Live Realm.

  • Stun Block now reads "Block next 2 incoming Stun attempts."

So far, we've tested Earthquake on Stun Shields, and unfortunately they're still removed.  Boo.

As for single stuns, it seems that this spell does not literally follow its description, in 1v1 at least.  Cassandra Dragonheart and I were casting Chokes/Blinding Light/Freeze at one another, and did manage to stun on the turn AFTER the final Stun Block is removed.  So, it's as if there wasn't any change to this spell, other than it being moved to Dueling Diego's textbook -- which I believe was done so new Wizards wouldn't pick up this spell so early in the game, believing it would be useful in PvE in their near future.

Moreso, I think the description was changed to technically state that a single Stun Block will void a Medusa's attempt to "stun twice," thereby being less confusing to Myth players and their opponents who believe two Stun shields are needed to counter the spell.  Instead of this shield having a counter that waits for another Stun to break it, it supposedly will block at most two, while one Stun will do the trick to remove it.

BUT, I wonder if the description is missing the requirement " a single turn."  I'm very passionate about fixing the Earthquake-removing-Stun-Shields issue, as that allows for chain stunning to happen (stun, Earthquake, stun).  So, in bright hopes, I'm going to continue to test this spell in a larger environment: teamed games.  Though, logically, if a Stun Block is removed by an Earthquake, it shouldn't prevent the next incoming stun, since the special effect is then out-of-play-by-removal.  I'll certainly keep us updated on this!

  • Gardening Towers are no more.

Gah, the end of the "Industrious Revolution" of Gardening is here.  So much for "going green" and "saving energy," huh?  What has happened -- as mentioned in my and Sierra Starsong's Tweets -- is that floated pots and soils may still accept seeds, but maintaining the crop is no longer allowed by vertical means.  In other words, AOE Gardening spells will NO LONGER affect items from bottom up.  Instead, they'll target all plants that are surrounded by the literal circle (imagine using the AOE ring like a rubber band.)  So, it's back to these ground plans:  Part 1; Part 2.

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  1. Awesome read
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    I have actually only made one tower and took it down cause i did not like it, I keep to the honeycomb of 7 pot/plots and do very well.


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