Monday, January 31, 2011

Test Realm: CL Housing Ingredient Totals

**UPDATED BY KINGSISLE**:  Instead of 2 Stars Icons, the recipe will replace them for 2 Celestian Shields.

**UPDATED AGAIN**:  Thanks to Bailey Skystaff for catching the Cards/Reagents missing from the list for the House Recipe!  They've been added into the picture below now!

**UPDATED**:   Fixed the gold amount to include the House Recipe and Furniture Recipe costs.

75,000 G  House Recipe
9,690 G  CL Tree Sprig Recipe
13,005 G  CL Sconce Recipe
14,430 G  Star Chalice Recipe
16,950 G  Crystal Street Lamp Recipe

Over the next few posts and days, I'll go over a few of the unannounced updates made to the game.  For now, here's a chart for you Grandmaster Artisans for that new Celestian Observatory:

The Star Icons are dropped from Astraeus in the Trial of Spheres.  
The Celestian Shields are dropped by Charmtooth
Good luck on gathering and sniping!


  1. Let us have a race shall we? jk.

    Awesome job as always!

  2. Really it looks like the sunstones are the hardest thing about that house. I knew I should have stocked up on them when the Aqua-Bots were handing them out like crazy...

    -Natalie Lotusthief

  3. Ty so much for the help mush needed where is charmtooth


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