Monday, August 9, 2010

Request for the Community

Update:  I forgot to mention that this will be left open for a week for collection (closes next Monday, August 16, and the writing process may take around one to two weeks, depending on how many different areas need to be covered!)

Hey all,

In addition to a response to the last post, I'm about to do a lengthy, exploratory essay on Player vs Player, and I'll need your help.  You don't even have to have any experience in the Arena to participate, though!

We're all different players of many different backgrounds, and I'm looking for all sorts of personal experiences, views, expectations, likes and dislikes, observations, insight...really, anything you want to share or say about PVP, positive or negative.  Think of it as a poll where the answers are large prompt boxes for paragraphs to go into, and like a poll, what you share will be confidential; I will email you before using your name and your statement(s) in the composition.  You can submit any length, from a short paragraph to a multi-page rant or praise.

The key thing I'm looking for is honesty in your responses, so really, "anything goes", but remember to be yourself :)  The end result will be yet another "Into the Spiral"-type post, and possibly the longest one yet. 

Please send your submissions to this medium, with "Chill ITS" in the subject line.

Happy writing!


  1. Pvp can be a fun enviorment, where friends can see who's really better. It does have some negatives though, it can be bad with Wild Bolting and Chain Stunning, ugh.

    Hope this helps


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