Friday, August 6, 2010

Beyond the Spiral: "Got a Bartleby?" (Intro)

A few days ago, while driving to work, I was listening to my favorite local talk show (I won't name it here, since it's not always safe for listeners under 18 to be hearing) and they were discussing a seemingly common social dilemma.  A listener wrote in, explaining her situation:  she had performed an action many years ago that was debatable up to this day regarding its morality and acceptance in our society, and her partner, upon discovering her history, had left her.  He was on the side that believed that her certain act was "wrong," and he was totally against it; their separation had nothing to do with any specific problems between the couple.  So that raised a difficult question:  Should someone's past be the basis of our present judgment of them?  In other words, do we let what they did back then affect how we think or behave towards them?  How fair is it for a person on Team A to throw away what they have with someone when they discover that a person used to be on Team B?  Keep in mind, this action would have happened before you ever met this person. 

Before I dive into my answer, I'll wait a few days to give you readers a chance to explore and respond...I'm really curious in seeing what we have on the table so far before I bring my entree.  So what do you guys think?


  1. That's unfair. I totally understand. If the person did something that ticked off the people around them then that's different.

    Always try to get someone's history/background first before doing what you tend to do?

    Some people change and well, others don't. If the person was ashamed and sorry of what they did forgive them and give them the chance. ;D

  2. The past is what we learn from ... mistakes are made and we move on. To judge someone who learned from their past is a bad thing IMHO

  3. This topic is one of those topics that is very touchy and differs from other topics. To talk about this topic without stating details would change the situation from the true point. However the topics is indeed too mature for this site.


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