Wednesday, August 25, 2010

BUN: Pets and Bloggers

Hey all!

Now that a lot of us are heading back to actual classrooms and dueling these, these, and these monsters instead, things may seem to slow down a bit.  Even yours truly is hitting up the books again...but, it doesn't mean that progress on the Petnome Project, Mistblood, or blogging will cease or slow.  These Wizard101 Projects have partly served as a means for an escape from stress from the real world without having to log in and play.  So, while game time may be shaved down to Pet training, crafting, and gold farming, my community contributions won't.  With school work as a priority, I have a feeling that there will be a larger sense of discipline with whatever I am focused on, and that mentality of "completing something that's started" will integrate itself as a habit.

It's been a pretty busy Wizard' weekend the past few days, mining gold via Wayfinder hats and Coven raids.  Mistblood got his contractual paycheck; for the rest of the gang, some Hatching funds.  What did they do with all that money?

I got some Dragonblades added to my spell collection:

3G Talented Piggle (my Krokotillian and Fallon Deathslinger's 2G Talented Piggle; courtesy of John Lifeglen's Zeus)

5G Frontier Dragon (my 4G Defender Pig and Ronan Dawn's 2G Frontier Dragon)

Speaking of Lord Hunter, the above 4G Defender Pig, here are his parents.  Then check out his manifests!

After ten hatches and a lot of cross-generational breeding, and raising about 8-9 of the offspring to Epic, I finally obtained what I had been searching for ever since the Test Realm went Live!  With a surplus of gold on my other characters, I produced 4 more little Defender Pigs (all 5G), using Lord Hunter and his parent Duke Honey ("eww" "gross" "how could you?!?"  "never eat a furry lollipop"):

These two were the ones that came out decent....

Yes, they look the same, but the manifest order was random; one pig got their Pip O'Plenty first and Spell-Defying last, while the other got theirs in the reverse order.  These will be staying at Ancient until the Test Realm opens again...I'd like to work on Lord Hunter all the way to Epic, since his double Universal Resist is a "sure thing."  I'll be sure to update on what he gets!

Speaking of Epics, I should update my list over there to the right, eh?

Then here are some Pet Drops from the middle of Tree of Life (we fought only Akuji and Youkai):

I'm very happy with getting the I can try for a solo mix for the Nightwalker, giving the Death Minotaur card!

Oh yeah, and this neat card dropped for me too:

It's supposedly a very rare card, one that I could "trade forum gold for," as the alluring SorceressMiklai from "Hexing Spells and Vexing Tales" put it.  Yep!  She's a new Blogger, and one of the ladies of the newly created group "BACK."  The other, Cassandra Dragonheart, has also joined the Blogosphere with "From the Heart of a Dragon".  I met both of them through our very own Alric Ravensinger.

Speaking of bloggers, our own Heather Raven is the newly appointed Public Relations representative for the Petnome Project!  In addition to helping out with maintaining the site, she'll help keep it fresh and polished by connecting with contributors and community.  It's a wonder how she isn't our H.R. person....hah hah?  Okay, I won't quit my day job.  Anyway, check out the first P.P.P.R. survey here!

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