Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What If...?: Fusion Magic

As cheating bosses -- and, potentially, mobs -- become more prevalent, teamwork and playing with a partner (or three) become even more valuable concepts to completing Wizard101 battles successfully.  Venturing with someone whose school matches yours increases your chances of supporting one another, since you can use the same Blades and Traps.  In fact, my Storm Wizard and a friend's Diviner were able to quest all the way to Malistaire after we received Tempest without needing to heal; we demolished the mobs before we took any damage.  Another beneficial -- and more effective -- tactic of teamwork is questing with someone that's the opposite of your school (Fire and Ice, Myth and Storm, Death and Life) to virtually eliminate the need for Prisms (or conversions).  Cassandra Hexthorn and I are able to fly through mob battles just by using our Rank 4 AOE and a few modifiers; she can handle the Ice creatures that I despise, while I wipe out the Fire-based enemies that resist her.  And, other than just ending battles faster, a variety of schools (especially in a full team) is the most optimal tool at anyone's disposal.  Without being able to synchronize effective combos, such as using Steal Ward or Pierce Train to break a cheater's 90% Tower Shield before a Fire or Storm attack is executed, duels can take a copious amount of time.  Let alone, as this game evolves, soloing isn't becoming any easier.  Heck, even the Rhino mount is advocating for increased social interaction!

When we look at the history of game-changing mechanics, there's a common theme to what these updates are focused on.  Critical and Block Ratings, Advanced Pets, Astral Magic, and Armor Piercing (coming soon with Zafaria) can all benefit a single player, whether or not they have teammates.  In other words, when my questing allies have logged off, all of these features (Critical, Pets, Astral, Piercing, etc.) are still available to me, and I'm not losing out on anything when my friends are offline.  It feels great to be able to play and not have to be dependent on matching schedules with someone else.

However, what if there was a game mechanic or feature that becomes an incentive (or a reward) for practicing teamwork and/or coordination between multiple schools?  Instead of four Storm Wizards being the most effective bulldozer to mow down normal mobs, why don't we introduce Fusion Magic, where a tertiary effect occurs when two or more specific schools lay out their spells in succession?

This idea is actually inspired from my Atlantica Online days and from contemplating how it'd feel to be a mob that was drenched in a fierce Tempest and suddenly frozen by a Blizzard follow-up attack.  In AO, when certain DoTs were stacked on top of one another, they'd produce an entirely new spell that would affect the targets in a unique fashion that couldn't be accomplished if the DoTs were cast separate of one another.  For example, if Break Down (visual effect of an earthquake, physical DoT) and Chaos Wind (a vortex of wind magic, elemental DoT) were played consecutively, the affected units are affected by a new spell called Destructive Wind.

If this were implemented into Wizard101, imagine all the different possibilities and outcomes that would follow:
  • Let's say one mechanic would require a new spell called "Fusion," which is a pair of Universal Prisms, meaning any school will affect them.  Two Prisms are placed upon one target.

    To use "Fusion," two attacks of opposite schools must damage the target consecutively (one right after another, without any other school in between).  In other words once the Prisms are placed, a Fire-then-Ice or Ice-then-Fire combo must take place -- it can be on the same OR different turns (under the condition that no other school's spell uses up the second Prism).  Thus, DoTs like Fire Dragon and Snow Angel must be timed correctly, or else one of the ticks from one school will remove the second Prism, nullifying the "Fusion" spell.

    If a "Fusion" is used correctly, the following events can occur:

    If Fire Dragon followed after Snow Angel, for example, it'd create a spell/effect called "Steam Wall."

    (The Snow Angel  tick is removed, only to be replaced by a tick that's silver/grey.  This tick would not do any damage, but it will last for two rounds after it has been placed, and not allow the victim to cast any magic upon anyone else but themselves.  It is almost like a "blindness" effect, where self-target spells do not fizzle, but anything else that targets allies or enemies WILL fizzle.  Enemies and allies, however, can still target the afflicted creature/player.)

    If Snow Angel were to follow Fire Dragon, "Freezer Burn" would take place.

    (The Fire Dragon's tick is removed, replaced by a tick that's pearl white.  This tick would do very little Astral damage (50 per turn) for two rounds, and act as a Stun per tick.  Of course, if a Stun Shield is present, then a Stun is avoided while the shield is removed.  So, someone with 3 Stun Shields under Freezer Burn would have only 1 Stun Shield after the spell is exhausted.)

  • Or, what if any school could "fuse" with any school (except with its own), and what if the order the spells were used in didn't matter, as long as they were casted consecutively?

    Death and Myth could fuse to create "Shattered Dreams," which removes all charms on the target, and adds a 10% Weakness spell for every unique* charm on them (*though Elemental and Spiritual blades consist of three different charms, they will be counted as one single charm, as a whole).

    Storm and Fire could fuse to create "Acid Rain," which creates a personal bubble around the target (similar to Star magic) for three rounds, which imbues an additional 15% Armor Piercing to any incoming attack.  Thus, if an attacker already has 20% Armor Piercing on their spell, this bubble will increase it to 35% Armor Piercing onto the victim.  (Of course, the victim could always play another Star Magic spell to cut off its normal duration!)
Keep in mind that the concept of fusing is NOT meant for increasing damage (Meteor's damage + Blizzard's damage != fusing), but it is meant for creating an effect with unique properties on a chosen target.  Thus, it's possible that Fusion Magic will result in lowered damage output (like removing a Snow Angel tick in the first example), but, as I've explained to Ronan when he feels uneasy about using his Nova when he's stacked with three different types of Weaknesses, spells don't always have to deal significant damage to be useful.  

For example, while I may lose my Snow Angel tick in the Steam Wall spell, a hypothetical boss will be unable to cast anything onto anyone but itself for two rounds.  That means we could nullify a cheat (instant-fizzle, per Steam Wall's effect) together.  

I do have my solo-happy friends in mind, however.  So, I'll reiterate that these Fusion spells are not required to beat certain bosses, but rather, to help cut down time and act as an optional, auxiliary mechanic (just like Gardening, where you don't have to utilize this feature to be able to fight Morganthe).  I just feel that it would be interesting to introduce a type of "chemistry" where reactions occur between two different "elements."  Thus, with the Mastery Amulet and/or a minion, Fusion magic can be achieved without another player, and there still exists the essence of "team strategy," timing, and combination spells.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this matter: whether you agree, disagree, or want to "fuse" your own ideas with mine, or make up some of your own spells using my prescribed system, please leave your responses down below!


  1. I think that that could add some interesting possibilties in the game! Here are some ideas:
    scald+rebirth= forest fire, cuts healing in half
    Blinding light+Power nova= power of the sun, adds one power pip every round for 3 rounds.
    Tempest+Blizzard= Glacier, stuns for one round

    Awesome post!!

  2. While I love these ideas, I wouldn't want to see the usefulness of a character go down the drain because everyone can buy a Mastery Amulet. I'd love these new mechanics, but think that they ought to require, perhaps, spells to be cast consecutively. This means that if your battle order is Fire, Balance, then Ice, then "Freezer Burn" would be impossible to achieve due to the fact that Balance would create a "down turn" in between the two. This way, it truly promotes teamwork and team unity, as opposed to "how many spells can I cast in a row to create an effect" with amulets and treasure cards and such. It also requires wizards to strategically plan who enters a battle when, and whether or not they'll all be able to enter on the first turn a question. Some cheating bosses could then randomly pull in all wizards in no specific order to make things more challenging. Fusion could also exist in three and four card combinations, too. I'm glad that these are for additional effects, and not increased damage, though. The more ideas like this I hear, the better retraining sounds, but it's getting so expensive now. KI, can I get a few free Training Point Buybacks for Christmas?

    Anyway, great post, liked the ideas!

  3. Haha, this reminded me of yugioh card game, where you fuse two or more monsters to make a better monster with better attack. In order to do that, you had to have a spell called "polymerization". I think this a new awespiring idea, yet fun way to bring a creative style to Wizard101. The timing would have to be challenging to set up, but so cool. Would these work for only AOE? Interesting post.

  4. In response to this, and Friendly's Post, I posted at http://www.swordroll.com/2011/12/where-our-spells-are-headed.html.


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