Saturday, November 5, 2011

Haiku Interpretation of Zafaria and Upcoming Updates

Zafaria comes
Stampeding, my heart beating
With the native drums.

Soon, Legendaries
Become no more, searching for
Unbound Transcendence.

New monsters, new spells
Lie in wait by promised fate...
Of what strength, pray tell?

Decorations are
Becoming one, balancing
Their large, wrathful form.

Demonic creature
Speaks thrice; empty of advice,
But full of terror.

Pieces no longer
Resting in peace, but released
Combined and stronger.

Giant beasts charging
With an ivory present
Granted to a foe.

A shower of heat
To wash away confidence
From one’s enemies.

A corrosive spray
To drown away defenses
And immobilize.

Beauties of malice
Evoke a cold melody
For those who listen.

Spheres of translucence:
One aiding blessings, while
One's eye for an eye.

In flows new concepts:
Penetrating resistance,
And pet engorging,

Aside from small games,
Critters and creatures shall fight
A large invasion

Along a long path
Foes arrive with stubborn drives;
No rest 'til their end.

Warriors, shamans,
And elders alike struggle
With their own kinship.

Ominous evil
Of parasitic nature
Infests lands and hearts.

Water defiled,
Spirits crushed like fine powder,
Homeland turned war zone.

Harmony shaken,
The black widow is spinning
Her destructive web...

It is now the time
To seek out the Dark Nest's queen
And purge her poison.

Uncover secrets
And restore alliances;
Enlighten yourselves.

Under the red sky,
Wizards will raise their wands high;
To cast back darkness.

(Add your own haiku
Within the comments section
For Zafaria!)


  1. Beautiful! Very inspired. :)

  2. I'm technically gone,
    but Zafaria sounds like
    a boatload of fun.

    I like your haikus!
    Sir Whiskers sends his wishes,
    -Kestrel and Kymma


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