Sunday, May 8, 2011

~HMD Rap~

Hey, Mothers of the Spiral, have a happy day!
For a single time in May, your kids will get away
With making you breakfast, with love that's steadfast,
Even though the kitchen may turn out to be a big mess.
We love how you smile when you taste our cookin'
Because it's not the quality within for what you're lookin'
But, rather, how much time, care, and sweat we've spent,
Or even how far we'll dive into a predicament
Just to show appreciation for the hours you've been wakin'
Standin', cooin', and checkin' our bottoms to see what we're makin',
And everythin' you've done to protect us from harm,
And washin', dryin', foldin' clothes so we'll stay warm,
And droppin' off our homework we forgot at home,
And for all the hard work, concern, and love you've shown.

Know that, though we'll grow up, and may start to rebel
That we'll still remember you caught us when we fell;
All those coupons you've sat around cutting to save,
Caring so much you forget to shave your legs,
Sharing your stories so we don't make the same mistakes
And ensuring that our every birthday has a cake.
For eight, nine, or ten months you've held us inside,
Eating and feeding -- all that lost exercise! --
It may take us awhile before we realize
Why, within the toy store, our pleas were denied:
So that you could buy us a bigger surprise;
We're sorry for all those silly times we've cried!
Every year, we hope to outdo ourselves
To make sure today is unique and swell.

Here's a big hug, a kiss, and a smile
For all the obstacles and all the trials,
All the hurdles you've jumped, and driven miles,
All those automated calls to the doctor dialed.
We're still here in the world, thanks to you,
There's no one that could ever match what you do.
So, even when we're twenty, thirty, forty, or fifty,
Despite our freedom, you're still a special lady,
Now let's break open these gifts, Battleblood is done;
Thank you so much, all you grandmas and mums!


  1. Nice - I was actually born on Mother's Day (me and my twin sis) around 199_. Unfortunately, there are some issues between my family and mom.

    I was thinking of making a rap too by the way. You know whenever your in one of your pvp matches and someone flees - I would be the one to tease (you know what I mean) etc....

    Why ya flee? Perfect Catch's style hypnotized me! HAHA!


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