Saturday, May 28, 2011

Audio Log (ALog) #1: Thoughts and Advice on "Official" Status

My deepest thoughts, perspective, insight, and reflection on the "Official" status ordeal that's been going on lately.  It is 1.5 hours long, but this is dedicated to the roots of our great community, to official sites, to non-official sites, to those annoyed, to those hurt, and to anyone else who is interested in what I have to share.

Thank you to Ronan Dawn for his friendship and support in encouraging me to get involved with the community back in April 2010.

Thank you to The Friendly Necromancer for his insight, advice, and background stories in-game, and support.

Thank you to Prophet Feik for the inspiration to contribute to any community, gaming or real-world.

Thank you to "KT" for their support and conversations as many of us dealt with current issues.


  1. You always have to really awesome views.
    Great work Kevin.

  2. Sent you an email, made a blog post both on facebook and my blog about your video. I really do agree, I listened to your entire video, and I hope that everyone agrees with you. Thanks again kevin! Good work, also thanks for staying up that long during the night talking in your video! Also I agree :)

  3. Three words, Kevin:

    "Audio Magnum Opus"

    This (lengthy, but passionate) dissertation exemplifies why you are a true Community Leader.

    With my respect,

  4. Dear Jeeves - I am well-known for my short attention span (hey, Stormy didn't get ADHD from nowhere). I listened to this entire file and it brought up a lot of thoughts and memories of the early days of building the Wizard101 community. I miss those days of people establishing sites and blogs out of sheer joy of playing the game. You are one of those people, even if you came along a bit later. We are so fortunate to have you. As if everyone doesn't know this, I simply adore you. xoxox Icy


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