Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Petnome Project is Now Official!

Hello readers!

After many grueling hours of working on my research paper (and finally finishing), I re-enabled my Twitter notifications around midnight my time last night, running into Paige Moonshade's Tweet.  So, naturally, I dash over to the fan site listings on Wizard101's official site, and there we are!

Yes, I'm aware the site is listed as a "blog" instead of a "fansite," but  I'm too ecstatic to worry about it :-)

And Isaac Mistheart is also a new addition too!  Congrats, Mistheart!

Tons of people to notably credit for the Project's existence:

The first of many "Thank you's!" goes out to Miguel Wildthorn, the very first person to recognize that first generation Petnomes matched across the same pets.  Without his early discovery, we would have been in the dark for a few extra weeks (if not months) on the way pets and their hidden abilities behaved.  Also, while we were developing visuals for the Petnome pages, Miguel's persistence helped provide the display of the Pedigree number after the Pet name, thus helping us understand that different versions of Level 48 pets existed.

Next, the Friendly Necromancer himself for being a major influence that sparked a group collaboration, expanding on Miguel's findings.  His support extends from sending his own data submissions into the project, holding a contest to sponsor us, and writing a few posts mentioning us here and there...heck, we're also listed in his "Handy Wizard101 Links" section.

Another important sponsor of ours is Ravenwood Radio, where, on a couple of their episodes, the Petnome Project was mentioned in detail.  Leesha even went as far as to include us in one of her interview questions with Joseph Hall and J. Todd Coleman!  She and Stephen were kind enough to hold a series of contests to bring attention to our work, and between the "Father of Wizard101 Blogs" and our beloved DJ's, many hundreds of entries poured in to help us completely map 41 pets as of this date!

What's a "project" to be without its researchers?  Many kudos go out to Heather Raven, Sierra Starsong, and Kestrel Shadowthistle for their very first contributions...I remember these ladies had at least 30 each on the first night of the form's release!  Heather Emeraldflame generously supplied us with a majority of the blank Petnomes and pet portraits, and hundreds of Pet entries.  And, our newest team member, Missy aka Scarlet Deathblood, has been helping me out a lot for the past few weeks with updating the site as regularly as I do.  Go team!

And of course, last but not least, KingsIsle, pet enthusiasts, loyal contributors, Blogleagues (colleague Bloggers), Twizards (Wizards on Twitter), and site users have all played very significant roles in encouraging and supporting our work.  From the end of May until now, we've gone a long way because of you all, and are very grateful for every ounce of help and effort.  We proudly look forward to continually providing the community with the latest Petnome information and updates.

Once again, thank you everyone!

--Kevin Battleblood and the Petnome Team

(Honorable mentions go out to Diary of a Wizard's Fallon Shadowblade, who initially offered to host for us, and Wolf Gazer (Sierra's husband) for assisting us with technical web issues.)


  1. Wow! I was looking over Friendly's post just now and realized just how far we've come since the release of the expansion in May. It's exciting to have seen this come to fruition as it has. Way to go!

  2. how do i join? Cause i tell ya, this project is awesome!


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