Tuesday, November 23, 2010

BUN: Thanksgiving Week

What’s up Readers?  If you haven’t heard from Twitter or Missy yet, I’ve been out of the Spiral for a few days so far, due to a hardware problem.  I play on a laptop, so I’m either going to have to buy a new laptop (graphics card is part of the motherboard, so replacing it is out of the question, sigh…) or try out this innovation called an “external graphics card.”  Some companies have mentioned a few times in the past, around 2007, that this technology would be available…however, I think all of them have backtracked due to the risk of losing new notebook sales.  What contributes to laptop sales is how quickly laptops become “obsolete” due to the difficulty of upgrading its parts.  If I want the best graphics or sound or other hardware, I can’t easily pop open the case, remove a few gadgets, and install new components, since these computers are built for portability, and therefore most hardware are soldered or built into the motherboard.  Anyway, in short, it’s going to be a kick to my wallet if I want to return to the Spiral without using someone else’s computer.

So, I’m pretty useless in terms of researching the new Gardening system that has arrived to a new release of the Test Realm.  Oh, and blast it all, I can’t research for the Petnome Project either!  [insert epic sad face with teardrop.]

Missy’s been real generous to accompany me into another game, Adventure Quest Worlds.  If KingsIsle Entertainment is to family-friendly fun, then Artix Entertainment is to comedy and RPG parody.  Check it out if you haven’t, and here’s a random picture of my character, FurryIceCream:


The character actually didn’t come looking like that…some awesome gear and costumes dropped for my human Mage (currently Level 10), and I “stitched” that on him.  Contrarily, he’s of the “good” alignment.  RawR!

Also on my table is another “The Arena” post, about 65% complete, which I’ve been writing on and off.  There is just so much to cover in this next topic that I’ve been wondering if I should break it into two posts, or if I should stick to my style and write everything out so you get the complete picture in one read.  I have some motivation to do the latter, but here are some hints on what it’s on: psychology, competition, mental preparation.  That’s all for now!

This Thanksgiving is going to be suh-weet!  I’m heading down to arguably the most boring city in my state, but I know I’m going to have mountains of fun.  I’ll meet my youngest baby cousin for the first time (hi Lexi!), and catch up with the rest of the family and kids.  Mashed potatoes are a delicacy to me, and those of you who know me personally can understand why (this means those of you on Skype).  For those of you that celebrate this holiday, remember not to eat too much…I hear there are some awesome Black Friday sales that you won’t want to miss out on via sleeping in.  Speaking of which…I should see if they have some decent machines down there…

Happy GOBBLING week!

[insert Colossus Blvd resident chewing on turducken]

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  1. Ohhhhhh so thats where you've been. Well you have been missed Kevin!! I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving with your family :D Can't wait to see you in the spiral again!! I have been working on my deck ;)


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