Thursday, October 14, 2010

Test Realm: Celestian Pets

Because this post would have created an unnecessarily long Test Realm recap, here's a short analysis for each of the new, purchasable pets introduced with Celestia.  At time of this writing, the first four pets can be bought for either CROWNS or GOLD (Test Realm):

Hands down, the Spinyfish is a must-have for Storm Wizards!  This frowning little guy actually brightened the Team up, seeing how it has only ONE passive talent (Eager), while the rest are actives (direct benefit to the Wizards).  That means there's very little chance that you'll feel disappointed after raising this creature up a few ranks.  Of course, if Stormtrap and Stormblade actually worked and wasn't bugged, then there's almost no chance you'll end up with a non-functioning sidekick.  Come on, KingsIsle, what's up with these inactives?  Anyway, even if those May Casts aren't going off just yet, this fish is a great investment!

The Sea Dragon is probably the most impressive pet I've yet to see; it's the first pet I've seen to give all active Talents, meaning it is free of Stat Boosts.  Thus, the bonuses that this First Generation gives will already contain your best possible windows for the Fire School.  If you're a Pyromancer, get this little goofy guy as soon as Test goes Live.  If he doesn't produce the exact Talent combination you want, he will serve as a key pet to Hatch against.

While this creepy Starfish is not yet complete like the other two, he is bound to be in a Thaumaturge's collection, especially mine as soon as Live is updated.  Nothing's greater than having the best health out of all schools AND having blades or traps set for you while you shield up!  Heck, with all the PVP players out there now carrying Melt to prevent a Tower Shield from being used, it's definitely going to be handy to have an Interrupt by this guy with an Ice spell, which will help remove those Dispels.  Of course, like with the Spinyfish mentioned above, those May casts need to start working.  Then again, I'm really trying to think about buying this pet, carefully at least...I'm just not too fond about his cheesy grin.

 Hmm...its active Talents aren't as diverse at the preceding pets, but the Sea Turtle has a satisfying seven to choose from.  It's Life-based and has Sprite Time (note:  not Spritely, unfortunately), but that's all there is for non-standard (-Giver, -Proof, -Shot, Pip O'Plenty, Health/Mana Gift) abilities.  Thus, if you're focused solely on cosmetics and would enjoy having a shelled follower, by all means grab this pet at will!  Otherwise, if you already have a decent Life pet, take a rain check on this creature.  

I didn't think that Jellyfish could be cute at all, until seeing this one...Wizard hat on an invertebrate:  goofy!  Good news is that we all get this pet, as soon as we "Use the Moon Portal."  That's a long way's to go...Missy and I were around 54 or 55 by the time we were given this quest, and we were using XP potions on all of our quests.  We haven't uncovered this creature just yet, but I don't have high hopes of this pet turning out to be phenomenal.  So far, we discovered those standard active talents, which are great for Necromancers, and found that this critter has  chance to manifest Curse Giver!  I'm hoping Talent Slot 5 would be some kind of "May Cast" talent, like Deathblade or Deathtrap.  Not sure what the final uncovered Rare one would be, but I'll put a few gold down and say it'll be something like Eager (like Spinyfish's) or another Passive Talent.

KingsIsle did mention that there were other pets out there that take some work on finding...I'm guessing those would be drop-only pets!  So, readers, if you find any new Celestian pets out there, be sure to let us know, either by emailing petnome at hotmail dot com (I'm noticing some spam mail lately, so I'm following in Lisa Jonte's footsteps) or replying in the comments section below, so we can get started on those pages.  Thanks for reading!


  1. well the Jellyfish pet actually is EPIC
    not a single passive talent yet

  2. I bought the sea dragon, and when I leveled it to teen it gave me a tower shield. When I leveled it to adult, it gave me a remove one positive card. I am still training it, so I can't wait to see what new talents I get next :)

  3. I got the jellyfish to teen and it got Crafty and Super Stall. I don't have much hopes for it yet. But it is amazingly adorable.


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