Thursday, October 21, 2010

BUN: Media Items

Second Petnome Project segment just below.  It was meant to be on Ravenwood Radio Episode 27, but I was late on editing...but here it is anyway:

Alric Ravensinger drew this AWESOME doodle for me:

...which I colored:

I may have to ask him to do a banner-sized one for me...and for Petnome...maybe bribe him with some Mega Snacks....then request for glossies....

Then here's my personally rejected Petnome Project logo...Alpha stage...but it looks psychadelic!  

My chessboard at my Watchtower Hall, completed!  Life-based pets vs. Myth-based pets.

Pawns - Silverback Wildclaw - Too easy and common to find when farming Coven as much as I did
Rooks - Guardian Dragon - "Tower" Shields; natural role here
Knights - Minotaur - Hooves, can't get any closer than that
Bishops - White Rat Magician - Noble and dignified
Queen - Myth Sprite - Only female-depicted Myth pet I could find/remember at the time
King - Red Gobbler - Because he "can't wait to be King"

Pawns - Imp - Found very cheap from Pet Pavilion's Pet Store
Rooks - Defender Pig - Tower "defense" protection you'll ever get
Knights - Unicorn - Self-explanatory
Bishops - Life Banshee - I had two, so...
Queen - Pixie Queen - That should be self-explanatory too...
King - Green Cat Thug - He's buffer than the Treant...

Yep, fun stuff here!  See you in the Spiral!

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