Monday, December 31, 2012

(Overdue) Farewell

Something I've wanted to say or explain for a long, long time...  You guys, the Wizard101 Community, mean a lot to me, and it has been a lengthy struggle ever since the beginning of the year.  While my unexplained absence may have seemed inconsiderate or rude, my silence and suppression was more than necessary to uphold the peace of the community.  As a Community Leader, the effect of my voice had implied consequences.  

I made many promises to myself and others to bring closure to my Wizarding status earlier, but there have been titanic obstacles along the way.  Until now, I have found peace and happiness once again.  I will be able to pop in and out of the Spiral every now and then, but my retirement is necessary in PVP and as a Community Leader, for the sake of maintaining harmony within Wizard101.  There's only so much that I can explain without explaining, and this video is the best I can give.

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Pictures/Videos in order of appearance:

1.  Standing in front of Briskbreeze Tower
2.  On my Bengal Tiger, overlooking my Obstacle Course in the Ice House
3.  Reunion of close friends, in Colossus Boulevard
4.  Victory picture of my first Warehouse completion, with John Lifeglen, Fallon, and Taryn WillowGrove
5.  @DragonBrightWiz's rendition of me as a sea cucumber
6.  My chessboard creation in my Howling Fjord home
7.  My first mob battle in Celestia
8.  Potentially the last moment my good friend Cheryl Fire and I spent together at my Ice Home
9.  Mistblood posing for his banner picture shoot
10-12.  Ravenwood Radio After-Party celebration
13.  Using Floating techniques and Portals, I compiled a "Wizard101 community"
14.  Posing in Dragonspyre with Ronan Dawn, Cheryl Fire, and Allan Spiritrider
15.  Posing in front of the Frost Giant statue in my Ice Home
16.  Cartoon rendering of TPC, drawn by Alric Ravensinger
17.  My Tauren Druid standing in Orgrimmar in World of Warcraft
18.  The day before Celestia's release, posing with Ronan Dawn, "Missy", and Cassandra Dragonheart
19.  Snapshot of one of the most epic plays we (TPC) pulled off at the last minute
20.  Transformed gathering of friends in the Arena Lobby
21.  Venturing around in a hidden area within Krokotopia (requires glitching to enter)
22.  Posing with my team in the Arena Lobby
23.  Cartoon rendering of TPC, drawn by JuneAndAlyssa of
24.  Posing for the Petnome Project banner with (then) teammates Heather Raven, Miguel Wildthorn, Sierra Starsong, and Kestrel Shadowthistle
25.  Glitched names in a mob battle within Avalon
26.  Gathering with KingsIsle and random players for a screenshot for their website
27.  Petnome Project advertisement for YouTube and blog
28.  Unedited screenshot for Petnome Project advertisement
29 & 40.  Posing with the Petnome Team at the Sultan's Palace waterfall
30.  Cartoon rendering of me as the Petnome Team lead, drawn by Alric Ravensinger
31.  Posing with Ronan Dawn in our successful two-man completion of Briskbreeze Tower (pre-Celestia)
32.  Glitch-designed car crash in my Massive Fantasy Palace
33.  Snapshot of my glitch-designed garden in my Island Getaway
34.  In my energy-suit, in my Celestial Observatory
35.  Transformed into an elephant in Zafaria
36.  Glitch-designed scene with Paige Moonshade, in my Celestial Observatory
37.  Post-PVP battle dance celebration
38.  Posing with Thomas Lionblood (The Friendly Necromancer) after a completion of Big Ben
39.  An intro clip for TPC's PVP series
41.  Posing with the Petnome Team inside the Sultan's Palace, with a flock of pets
42.  Posing with the Petnome Team inside Heather Raven's Japan-inspired home
43.  Ian Emerald (KingsIsle Staff Member) and I hanging in Mooshu, discussing an invisible glitch I discovered
44.  My low level alt with two peculiar people in costumes
45 & 49.  3rd Ravenwood Ball party
46.  Kathryn Lifetamer giving me a detailed tour of her Life Home
47.  Cassandra Hexthorn and I questing in Zafaria, in the Elephant Graveyard
48.  Posing with Jordan Seadreamer and Donna Spellthorn in Hexy's Sultan Palace
50.  Storm Wizard alt's gardening design in his Island Getaway
51.  Lucky drop of Fire Amulet from the Helephant Tower, with Hexy, Ronan Dawn, and Morgan Unicorntamer
52.  Gardening design with large plots in my Howling Fjord
53.  Landscape view of Hexthorn's Massive Fantasy Palace Arena Design
54.  Landscape view of Christina Icedreamer's Massive Fantasy Palace's extra island
55.  Screenshot of a riding glitch in WoW
56.  Sky full of World PVPers in WoW
57.  Black Temple guild screenshot in WoW
58.  My final PVP match of 2012 on December 30 against viewer Wolf Moonleaf


  1. Kingsisle and the Wizard101 community has had great ups and downs, I admit. Still, it doesn't hurt to deal with problems that matter more than the game.

    Take care with what you enjoy and with what matters beyond the Spiral. We will all miss you dearly.

    Your wizarding sister,
    Cassandra G.

  2. Wow! Never thought this day would come! So sorry things have not worked out for you, but, i do hope that life will treat you good! Take care my friend and plz, keep us in the lope when you are around! Happy New Year! You will be missed!
    Your Friend in the Spiral,

  3. Any time you want to chat, you know where to find me! Thank you for making it mean more than just another game, Kev. Your energy, contribution, and careful thought will not be forgotten. Peace!


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