Monday, February 20, 2012

Beyond the Spiral: Ironic Truth

**Note:  This is not meant to be a motivational speech or a speech or soapbox or anything of that nature.  This is simply a sharing of my perspective and my understanding, and I expect that there will be disagreements as well as concurring opinions.  This is also meant to help anyone out there who is lost in a fog of their own thoughts...

Haters are the creatures created from jealousy.  When people see something they don’t have -- but want, desire, and need *just* for themselves (i.e. no one else "should" have it, or that some people [like themselves] are entitled to it while others aren't) -- they will channel all their energy into destructive behavior like name-calling, bashing, and trolling.  This happens especially when they simply cannot imagine or perceive any alternative methods to obtaining their goal, other than (attempted) intimidation or aggression.  Because they cannot attack the truth directly (or what appears to be the truth, for that matter), and because they hope to avoid humiliating themselves via contradiction, they will attack you personally, whether it's your race or how you look, or who you are and what you do in your private life.  Haters live not off of oxygen and water, but off of their (false) sense of superiority.  They have to quantify, rate, measure, and rank everything around them in order to feel satisfied that they are nowhere near "the bottom", and will try to use the numbers to convince themselves (if not others) that they are at the top.

On the other hand, winners are created from understanding and maturity.  They know they will never have everything they want (life is not meant to be perfect or fair), but they also realize that trying to possess only what they see in front of them is a deterrent to their true potential.  There does not exist a "bar" for the winners, but that does not mean that they continually ascend and leave others behind them.  In fact, winners are also created from inspiration, one of the few gifts that can keep on giving.  Winners channel their energy into positive motivation and affect others (constructively) around them, developing others like them for whatever paths they choose.

Winners can fail or lose, nevertheless, because that’s the first part of the entire process called “success.”  What they must understand though, to stay winners, is that success AND failure are not permanent.  The cliche "winners never quit" could never be truer in this context.  Once one sets a landmark or a stopping point for their own path, someone else will surpass them (especially if everyone is growing together).  There is no ceiling or floor for these types of people.

Haters, on the other hand, believe that what they have should be the standard, and that no one else may ascend further.  They are the ones who cannot comprehend or believe that anyone else can surpass their "bar," and that anyone who does so MUST be deceitful or hiding something.

Yet, haters are the ones who are actually “unleashed potential.”  This phrase is treated in a light, positive manner because, as the saying goes, "Haters gon'[na] hate."  Going back to the "bar":  haters have yet to fully develop because of that measurement or that mark they place upon themselves as well as others.  The fact that a ceiling exists anywhere in their perspective shows that they are also stunted in effect.  Thus, this implies that they have a chance to outgrow their immaturity.  Everyone (yes, including trolls) has the ability to improve, whether it be their selves or their understanding of the world they live in.  Certain people are less mature, but it does not mean they are completely lost causes; we all grow at different rates, after all.

Indirectly defined: hating on the haters only prevents everyone from advancing.  I admit that I was at fault at some point (hating the haters), but as I said, we all have room to grow and realize faults such as this.  Worrying about trolls or attackers only creates an unnecessary and temporary burden that pervasively invades my happiness.  That said, I simply wish everyone the best in life, even if you don't reciprocate.  Peace~

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