Tuesday, August 16, 2011


It's time for House-a-Palooza!
(click the H-a-P link for other sites that are participating!)

Hello, fellow Ravenwood students!  Most of us are returning to school on Earth very soon, and we're already feeling the dull ache of missing the beloved summer vacation.  *sigh*

Luckily, some of you will be able trevisit those fun memories and adventures...

...at the beach...

...in the woods/jungle...


...or mysterious, exotic places...


...with your very own Island Getaway!  

With the courtesy of Wizard101.com, the Petnome Project has been given the honor to bestow upon 15lucky Wizards these beautiful homes.

"How can we get them??"  Take a look below to find out!

NOTE:  Failure to follow all directions may result in automatic disqualification!  Contestants may not win more than one Island Getaway

Contest 1:  House-a-Pet-Looza!

Objective:  Create an exquisite and unique setting for a type of pet (of your choice) to roam around or live in, and describe in a short paragraph what it is!


  1. You will want a theme of pets to display.  A few examples of themes include:
    1. all Banshees (i.e. Life Banshee, Blue Banshee, Red Banshee, etc.)
    2. all Life pets (i.e. Samoorai, Leprechaun, Greater Imp, etc.)
    3. only Heckhounds (i.e. Heckhound, Heckhound, Heckhound, etc.)
    4. all winged pets (i.e. Stray Piggle, Pixie Queen, Phoenix, etc.)
    5. all pets of the same color (i.e. Inferno Beast, Magma Colossus, Samoorai, etc.)
    6. etc.
           The possibilities are endless, but make sure the pets you choose have something in common!       (You can use as many pets as you wish)
  2. Set up a room or area for your special little friends.  Be creative, but keep it pet-related!
    1. Keep it small enough to be able to fit it in ONE screenshot!
  3. Take a screenshot of your pets in their setting in-game by hitting the "PRINT SCRN" or Print Screen button on your keyboard.  
    1. You can then PASTE the picture in an image program like Paint or GIMP by opening the application and using CTRL+V.  Please save this picture in JPG or PNG format!  
    2. You can also search within your "Documents" folder > "Wizard101" folder for the screenshot!
  4. Send an email to petnome at hotmail dot com with the following information:
    1. In the Subject Line, please write "HAP CONTEST 1"
    2. In the body of the email, write/include...
      1. The theme you are using
      2. The screenshot (you can paste this in the body OR send as an Attachment)
      3.  short paragraph (about 3-5 sentences) explaining what your setting is (this will ensure that your entry will not be "lost in translation" with our judges)
      4. Your Wizard's name
  5. Entries must be received by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Saturday, August 20, 2011.
  6. Prizes (Petnome Staff are not eligible; to be given out on the following Sunday or Monday)
    1. First Place - Island Getaway AND 5,000 Crowns AND a Storm Beetle
    2. Second Place - Island Getaway AND 5,000 Crowns 
    3. Third Place - Island Getaway  AND a Black Cat
    4. Runner Up #1 - Island Getaway AND a Crabling
    5. Runner Up #2 - Island Getaway AND a Summer Dragon 

Contest 2:  Pet-home Project

Objective:  Help fill in the missing blanks on a Petnome Page!


  1. Eligibility List -- names on this list will be entered for a Random.org drawing for an Island Getaway
    1. Active* Contributors whose names are displayed in a "Contributors Table" on a Petnome page 
      1. *Fill out THIS FORM with "HAP CONTEST 2" in the Subject Line
      2. *In the body, indicate ONE Pet Page where your Community Name shows up on, and please include the Community Name
      3. Once your name appears on the Eligibility list below, you're in!

    2. If your name is not on a Contributor Table...
      1. ...and you have recently submitted data to help us fill in missing Talents or Derby Skills, please check the list below through the week as we update our pages.
      2. ...and you have not submitted any data to us, please navigate around the Petnome Project and help us complete some Petnomes via the Submission Form 2.0!  You have until 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Sunday, August 21, 2011 to send in a valid entry!
  2. Prizes (Petnome Staff are not eligible; to be given out on the following Monday)
    1. Random Contributor #1 - Island Getaway 
    2. Random Contributor #2 - Island Getaway 
    3. Random Contributor #3 - Island Getaway 
    4. Random Contributor #4 - Island Getaway  

Cassandra Willowblossom
Katherine Light
Julia Moonsong
Matthew Lifeflame
Richard Nightrider
Paige Moonshade
Lady of Blades
Tanner Anglestalker
Michael Hawk
Esmee Silverdust
Morgrim Trollfriend
Heather Shadowslinger
Ben Frogstone
Mr. Owl
Fist of Fire
Tatiana Shadowflame
Elijah LightThief

Contest 3:  Residential Raffle

Objective:  Become one of three lucky winners in a raffle!


  1. Fill out THIS FORM with...
    1. HAP Contest 3 in the Subject Line
    2. Your Wizard's name 
    3. description of what your plan is for this house (only winners' descriptions will be displayed)
  2. Entries must be received by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Sunday, August 21, 2011.
  3. Prizes (Petnome Staff are not eligible; to be given out on the following Monday)
    1. Random Winner #1 - Island Getaway 
    2. Random Winner #2 - Island Getaway 
    3. Random Winner #3 - Island Getaway

Contest 4:  It Followed Us Home!

Objective:  Follow @Petnome on Twitter!


  1. All Followers of @Petnome will be entered into Random.org once.
  2. Contestants must follow @Petnome by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Saturday, August 20, 2011.
  3. Prizes (Petnome Staff are not eligible; to be given out on the following Sunday or Monday)
    1. Random Follower #1 - Island Getaway 
    2. Random Follower #2 - Island Getaway 
    3. Random Follower #3 - Island Getaway

~~~~****~~~~GOOD LUCK!~~~~****~~~~

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